Quilt Repair

Quilts tell stories.   The person who made a quilt chose patterns and fabrics,  sized it for the bed, crib, couch or wall and put love and care into each stitch.    Then the quilt began it’s life,  used, loved, snuggled under,  made into a tent or ground cover for picnics,  and it got worn,  torn and tattered, but loved.     Many quilts have been passed to a new generation.   In order for the story to continue,  the quilt must be conserved.    We can repair and conserve your beloved quilt for you.


Damaged section, up close

When you bring it in for an estimate we will take a quick look and ask many questions.    It is to everyone’s benefit to determine if the quilt is worth the work and costs associated with a full conservation,  or if we can save some part of it for the sentimental value.

Questions we might ask include:

Do you know who made it and when?   Can you document the family history?    Do you have strong memories connected to this quilt?

What are you plans for it in the future?  will it be used gently on the foot of the guest bed or by a new generation to snuggle under every night?

Are we repairing for monetary value,  sentimental value,  or function?

Do you have a price limit?  Do you have a time limit?



If it is determined that we will work with your quilt, you will be given a full estimate in written or emailed form,  which details the process, contains information on the quilt, it’s pattern,  circa dates, any materials we may need to add and their cost,   estimated labor hours at $25.00 per hour,   and a total cost overall.    We will do everything in our power to stay within the estimate but there are still sometimes surprises when we get the actual work going.

If a full conservation is not feasible,  we can potentially convert parts of the quilt into smaller quilts,   bed runners,  wall hangings,  pillows, even Christmas Stockings  or help to mount them into shadow boxes with other memorabilia.    If this is the plan it will have been determined at the time of drop off  and details of the project will be outlined in the written estimate.

Preserve your history by keeping the quilts you love in good shape.   Don’t wait till it is shredded.    There is truth the the saying,

“A stitch in time saves nine”

Bowtie quilt before

Bowtie quilt after