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Distracted Quilting

This week’s zeitgeist has been about staying focused.   Several articles landed in my inbox and I saw a few things on social media that showed up without me searching.  The common denominator was to eliminate distractions.    Two of … Continue reading

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A Rose in any other Color—

is still a Rose.    and ours is based on Hexies!! Rose Star by Harriet R.   I am sorry I didn’t get a better photo of Harriet’s beautiful version of Rose Star from yesterday’s workshop.     She is … Continue reading

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Summer Events

Isn’t it funny how things go?      Remember the workshop I took a couple of months ago?    Well one of the skills covered were set in or “Y” seams.     Not a new skill for me,  but … Continue reading

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Backgrounds for quilt blocks

I watched a documentary last night about a famous painting.    The historian doing the narrating spoke about the background for quite a long time.    My mind wandered.   I realized that the music playing softly in the background … Continue reading

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Organize for more productive quilting

One of the things I learned the hard way when I was the Art on a Cart teacher in the public school system is that being organized made everything go more smoothly.     This is not something I am … Continue reading

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