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Our clubs are low-key alternatives to more project oriented workshops.  Each Club meets generally once a month to stitch, explore and inspire each other.   We often end up eating together too.   You are welcome to bring any appropriate project to the meeting to work on,  or do the project the group is involved with, with no big commitments.      Unlike some other shops,  we encourage you to do YOUR thing.   Nothing makes us happier than when you take a technique or idea you found here and make something unique.    ( and we LOVE when you share it with us in person or on our Facebook page !)   Please scroll through and find something that sounds like fun.    If you are new to a club please let us know you are planning to attend.

Crazy Quilt Club  This fun group meets on the THIRD Saturday of the month.     Hosted by Diane Johnson,  the group talks, stitches and often, eats.   All levels are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing all of you. As always, please let me know if you’re planning to attend


Handstitchers Club  Second Tuesdays,  10-12

The only rule with this group is that you cannot bring your sewing machine.   We can and will help you with just about anything made with a needle.    We sometimes do projects together as we explore a new technique or really cute pattern.   Second Tuesdays,  10-12,   $10.00 per session.   After a break for lunch,  our Stumpwork and raised embroidery club meets at 1:30 pm.  Scroll down for more on that.  

In July Handstitchers will begin a pincushion project in wool.    bring basic embroidery supplies including fabric cutting scissors with a sharp tip.   You will also want a small clear ruler ( 1 x 12 is great ) and a fine point marker like a micron.   The base wool will be either white/cream  or black you need 8 x 13,    The flowers use small scraps,   5 x 5 inch is plenty,  in a flower color,  an accent color for filler flowers,  and a green for leaves.   You will want cotton floss in colors to match, plus a color for centers.

Stumpwork and Raised Embroidery Club.

Stumpwork is the name of a type of embroidery that is raised and very dimensional.     This new group will meet on the Second Tuesday of the month,  from 1:30 – 3:30 pm for $10.00 per meeting.


Our new project will begin in July,  It all starts with some needle lace for the cornucopia.


We will work this for the top of a box,  one of the paper mache type form the  craft shop, or any other in the right size is fine if you don’t want to make on from timtex .     The lid needs to be five inches across at the minimum.  Choose this piece first,  and then choose your base fabric and cut a piece large enough to cover the top and sides with at least 2 inches excess all around.

supplies for the cornucopia:

lace pad

basting thread and hand sewing needle

small scissors

tapestry needle

# 12 0r # 8 peple cotton in a basket color.

Felt in basket colors, or batting scraps for padding


We will also need a variety of threads in various weights for fruits and veggies.    These include greens,  cauliflower,  pineapple,  oranges and , bananas  Also bring any beads that are colors for lemons, limes, grapes, cherries or any berries and nuts that you like.    We will discuss specifics on this as needed.







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  1. jane says:

    i miss you!!!! when ya coming over????

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