Club News

Clubs are on hold until we are allowed to meet as groups again.   In the meantime subscribe to our facebook page and Diana Louie on youtube.


Our clubs are low-key alternatives to more project oriented workshops.  Each Club meets generally once a month to stitch, explore and inspire each other.   We often end up eating together too.   You are welcome to bring any appropriate project to the meeting to work on,  or do the project the group is involved with, with no big commitments.      Unlike some other shops,  we encourage you to do YOUR thing.   Nothing makes us happier than when you take a technique or idea you found here and make something unique.    ( and we LOVE when you share it with us in person or on our Facebook page !)   Please scroll through and find something that sounds like fun.    If you are new to a club please let us know you are planning to attend.

Crazy Quilt Club

Hosted by Diane Johnson,  the group talks, stitches and often, eats.   All levels are welcome.

This Club will now meet on the third TUESDAY of the month!!

Please mark your calendars.    Meetings will run from 1-4  and the cost per meeting is $18.00  Looking forward to seeing all of you.    Due to Diana’s surgery,  The September meeting will be on the 24th.

You can simply bring the Crazy Quilt project you are working on,  or materials for the group project.   If you are new to the club contact us and we can get you set up and on the club specific contact list.

Handstitchers Club  Second Tuesdays,  10-12

The only rule with this group is that you cannot bring your sewing machine.   We can and will help you with just about anything made with a needle.    We sometimes do projects together as we explore a new technique or really cute pattern.   Second Tuesdays,  10-12,   $10.00 per session.   After a break for lunch,  our Stumpwork and raised embroidery club meets at 1:30 pm.  Scroll down for more on that.

At our February meeting we will be painting the background for the tree project.

Beaded Tree Wall Quilt

adapted from   Quilting Arts issue 40, Aug/Sept 2009  article pg 36

Painting Materials

Nice plain White fabric to paint on,  10 x 13

  • pieces leftover batting 10 x 13 as absorbent layer

1 or 1 ½ inch wide brush (foam brush is fine)

Round pointy brush for painting the tree.  If your round doesn’t hold a point, a small brush for details is also helpful.

3 colors acrylic based paint or ink,  sky blue, grass green, grey/brown for tree trunk.

Dynaflow, Soft bodied Liquitex acrylic, or All purpose inks are good.

Plastic Mixing surface/palette

Spritz bottle for water

Hair dryer if you have one can speed up drying process.



Part Two,  Quilting and beading,  for March and maybe April

Quilting:   by machine at home,  or by hand traditionally or with big stitch, or any combo.    If one of your batting pieces is still clean you can use it,  you will need a piece of fabric for backing cut 10 x 13.   Thread colors to coordinate or contrast with your paints.  Other equipment is dependent on techniques chosen.

Beading:   Of course beads!!   Leaf colors, all the same or a combination.   Seed size or “E”,  nothing bigger at this scale.    Beading thread like Nymo or Silamide in colors to blend with either your tree or your beads is best,  but for this not going to be washed project a hand quilting thread or 40 weight polyester core is fine.    Beading needles or small hand embroidery or milliners needle.  There is a balance to hit between being able to thread it and having it fit the beads. Bring a variety if you have them.   A lighted needle threader is quite helpful.  We have some in stock.   Bring thread snips,  a triangle tray or other small dish.







Stumpwork and Raised Embroidery Club.

Stumpwork is the name of a type of embroidery that is raised and very dimensional.     This  group will meet on the Second Tuesday of the month,  from 1:30 – 3:30 pm for $10.00 per meeting.     If you are new to this group let us know you are coming so we can set you up.     We are now working on Gracie the Goldfish.  (or Betty the Betta depending on color) 


If you would like to join us please email or come in and we can set you up with silk threads and other needed supplies and pattern.

4 Responses to Club News

  1. jane says:

    i miss you!!!! when ya coming over????

  2. Dale Morrow says:

    Interested in a quilting class

    • Dale, Begin by checking out the offerings on the skillbuilders page, and the showcase page to see if any of them are right for you. If you have your heart set on something that is not there then come in to the shoppe and we can talk about it and arrange for private instruction. –Diana

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