Threaditation is the act of hand stitching in order to find a relaxed state of mind as in meditation. We get together once a month and set intentions to bring peace to our selves and the world, and there is no charge for this get together.

Meeting in person at the Shoppe, September 15, October 20, and November 17 4-5 pm Supplies will be available or bring your own. See below for list.

Stitchers have known for ages that working with ones hands in a tactile and rhythmic way is relaxing, Threaditation is a process of deepening that and learning to be able to reach a zen state whenever you pick up your stitching tools. We support this with a variety of other relaxing and supportive practices that you can easily copy when stitching at home.

Right now you can experience Threaditation for yourself, or with a friend by coming to a meeting here. No stitching experience is needed but if you are a more experienced stitcher there is still much here for you. As you stitch, all your troubles will melt away and a lovely design will bloom in your hands.

There need not be a finished product in Threaditation, but you are encouraged to make small fabric embroidered tokens to leave in the world to spread peace and gratitude. Red Hook has a number of lovely parks in which you can leave them, or you can donate to our Little Free Art Gallery, located on Market Street in front of the Equis Art Gallery. See the blog post entitled Prayer Pockets for a great use for the finished bits of stitching.

This sample is mounted permanently into the hoop in which it was worked, but there are many other ways to use the embroidery when it is complete. There are also many variations that can be made from this pattern as your Threaditation practice deepens, if you desire it.

Typical Threaditation materials include:

4 -6 inch square of fabric and assorted small scraps

Embroidery floss in several colors


embroidery needles and threader

small scissors

bag or box to hold your work

Nice cup of tea, crystals, singing bowls, soft music, and anything else that helps you feel calm.

If you want to shop please do so at the Village Fabric Shoppe