These projects are some of our most popular.    They are time tested,  and allow lots of room for personalizing.    If taken in sequence, the machine classes make a wonderful curriculum that bring you from the most basic beginner learning to thread the machine,  to an accomplished quilter ready to create his or her own projects.

We also offer a number of hand stitching classes in which there is no machine needed.    The intimate connection with the fabric that occurs when working by hand is hard to beat.   The tactile sensations,  the rhythm of the stitching,  and the use of colors you love makes it extraordinarily satisfying.     Hand stitching is also extremely portable so it can be done by the pool, at the beach, next to the fireplace, or in the waiting room.

All of our workshops are available as private lessons by appointment,   or for small groups. ( up to 6 )     If you wish to schedule,  call and speak with Diana at 845 758-8541,     Prices are per person and except for Make Friends, do not include materials.    Supplies and equipment needed are listed with the class descriptions.     We highly encourage you to shop with us,  and be sure that you have everything on the list.   Call or stop by to schedule or if you have any questions.

Also remember that we have Work in Progress Wednesdays for you if you need help with your homework!!   ( free sewing time every Wednesday,  10-4:30 )


Make Friends with your Machine

It doesn’t even need to be out of the box to get started.   Learn how to thread it, wind a bobbin and try out some of the stitches it can do while making a bed sized pillowcase and a reference cloth that will help you remember what your new machine can do and how to make it do what you want  when you get home with it.   Includes fabrics for one pillowcase, the reference cloth,  and a spool of thread.   Bring the machine, the manual and all accessories that you have for it,  some straight pins and a some paper and a writing utensil for taking notes on your reference cloth.        $50.00   schedule 3 hours.

Five Fab Fats  Tote Bag    

Now that you need to bring your own bag or pay for the paper ones right over the bridge in Kingston,   this tote is just the project you need to make in multiples.  It is a great followup to the Make Friends class.     Bring fat quarters,   Two for the inside ( or a half yard cut), two for the outside ( or a half yard cut ) and one for the handle.  More advanced quilters can add customized pockets inside and/or outside, or sash an orphan block or two for a decorative exterior.   Once you understand the simple construction of this bag the variations are endless.   You will also need:   Sewing machine in working order,  Thread that coordinates or contrasts with your fabrics,  24 inch ruler, rotary cutter and mat,  pins.    Optional large button for a closure.     schedule for 3 hours    $40.00

Four Square Quiltimg_7014.jpg

This introduces strip piecing and results in a twin size summer quilt.   Bring your machine,  pins,  rotary cutter, mat and 24 inch ruler,  and four one yard cuts of fabric you like together.   Backing fabric  and floss can be chosen later. Batting is optional.   Two sessions,  2 1/2 – 3 hours each.  If we have a bigger group a third session may be needed to do the tying for everyone.    $60.00

Four square quilts in progress with beginner quilters.


Crazy rails workshop


Vintage Crazy Rails in silks

Schedule for one 3 hour session,   $30.00

Bring your sewing machine in good working order, with neutral thread and an extra bobbin or two wound.      Bring your rotary cutting setup with a long ruler, and a 6 inch square ruler.    You may want pins,  fabric scissors and a seam ripper as well.

For fabric you will need foundation fabric cut into 7 inch squares.   This can be just about any non-stretchy fabric,  from upholstery samples,  to that ugly fabric you know you will never use that you don’t know how it got into your collection.     30 will make a lap or wall size.    The other fabric you need is lots of scraps,  strips as skinny as an inch and chunks of leftovers.   Bring all of it.   You can use quilt cottons, fancy fabrics,  or even men’s ties.      The more variety you have the more options you have and the more exciting it gets.     Some have opted to add a border, but this choice should be made after the blocks are underway.

You will eventually also want some backing fabric,  a yard and a half is usually good for the lap size,  but I suggest you don’t make this choice until your blocks are together.    You will also want some thin yarn or floss to tie it with,  but again you may want to wait to make this choice.

Traditional Kaleidoscope 

One 3 hour session.  $30.00   


Four color version


Baby size quilt – 33 x 44  ( 12 blocks without a border )

four colors, half yard each for Pizza triangles  or two colors, a yard each

additional quarter yard each of 2 colors ( same as pizza pieces or different ) for corner triangles.

backing,   1 1/2 yards,   binding  1/3 yard


Beach balls version made by Rochelle

Rocky Road to Kansas  variation,   Two Three hour sessions,  Rocky Road

foundation for string piecing:  1/2 yard

star background and border, one yard each

strings and scraps for star points,  one lunch bag full.

Basic Hand Piecing

You don’t need a machine to make a stunning quilt.   Piecing by hand is portable,  relaxing and some constructions are actually easier to do by hand.   This workshop will show you how to create a classic star.    The units that create it are made from squares and triangles and can be used in a variety of ways.    You need thread, needle, fabric  scissors, pencil that shows on your fabrics,  and 2 or more fabrics,  we suggest you begin with quarter yards.    We will supply two plastic templates.    One session 2-3 hours  $30.00


Grandmother’s Flower Garden


Vintage Hexies

This popular pattern is done with English Paper piecing.   In the Shoppe we have a number of vintage examples in various states of completion.    We carry pre cut paper hexagons and you may choose from a few sizes, depending on the scale of the print fabrics you choose.   This hand piecing technique is very portable and is a great way to use small amounts of lovely floral patterns and colors,  or leftovers from that civil war quilt.   One three-hour session,   September    $30.00


Hand sewing thread and needles

One pin

small scissors for fabric and thread

Paper pieces for EPP   1 or 1 1/2 inch size hexagons

Removable glue pen  or thread for basting.

One wonder clip, small binder clip or clothespin

Cotton fabrics,   fat quarters and scraps are fine.    Traditionally the centers were yellow, the flowers were various colors and the surround was green.   You can also do two rows of petals if desired.


Machine Quilting Basics

Getting the top done is only the first part,   Technically a tied quilt is a comforter,  it is the sewn lines through all the layers that make it a quilt.   Learn how to baste and manipulate your quilt under the needle to get the quilting done.  We will concentrate on grids, plaids and channel quilting.   Two sessions, 2 1/2 – 3 hours each    Bring to the first: a quilt top or one yard cut of fabric in a busy print,  cotton batting and backing fabric 3 inches bigger all around than your top,  painters masking tape,   several dozen small safety pins.    For the second session bring the basted quilt, sewing machine with extra bobbins wound with the chosen thread,  your walking foot.   $60.00

Big Stitch Quilting   IMG_6993

This is an easy to learn and quick to do method of getting your quilt tops done by hand.        The thicker threads and larger stitches add a wonderful texture.    Bring a basted quilt to stitch,  threads ( can be embroidery floss, perle cotton,  or Razzle )  a chenille needle that you can thread with your threads,  small scisssors,  and any quiltmarking tools you have.     $30.00    2 hour session

If you need guidance with basting make an additional appointment or come to Work in Progress Wednesday.


Traditional Hand Quilting  

IMG_6716 Using a stencil to make a whole cloth pillow slip will allow you to develop your skills at traditional hand quilting.    We will let you use our stencil for the design shown,  bring 1/2 yard solid color fabric, quilt marking tool that shows on your fabric,  fat quarter of a loose density batting,  hand quilting thread and needles,  a thimble, a quilting hoop, small scissors,   thread for basting, painters masking tape.     $30.00 one 2-3 hour session



Welsh Inspired Hand Quilting.

This goes beyond the traditional class and has you learning to choose designs and filler patterns that will have you creating stunning quilts in no time at all.  You will learn to fit designs to your shape and discover some beautiful patterns that are actually easier to stitch by hand.   Photo shows the skeleton design.   Fillers will be your choice.    2 sessions,   2-3 hours each.  $60.00 img_6876

Welsh Inspired Hand Quilting    Supplies 

Two pieces of light solid colored fabric ( This style quilt was hardly ever white )  5/8 yard each.

20 x 30 or 5/8 yard batting – Quilters Dream Wool is suggested.    Please NOT Warm and Natural Cotton as it is too dense to hand quilt.

Fabric Marking tool ( I use a mechanical pencil )

Basting thread and needle

Hand quilting Thread and Needles – choose a color thread that will show

Thimble,  and Quilting Hoop, and small scissors