The Village Fabric Shoppe,

We are a brick and mortar quilt shop,  We carry everything you need for your personal creative journey in fabric.  We have classes, clubs and workshops for beginners to advanced stitchers whether you work by hand or machine.   Come in to browse our collection of vintage and contemporary quilts for sale.  Diana can also fix your old quilt and save those memories!!!    


Retail hours Wednesday  Thursday and Saturday  12 – 5

Tuesday and Friday by appointment.

Call or text to 845 758 8541 if you need to schedule your visit

A visit to the Shoppe is filled with visual and creative stimulation,  you  are as likely to find a vintage quilt being conserved as you are to find Diana’s latest experiment with some new surface design product – usually there is a little of both.    You are invited to take a few minutes to browse our events list below and then get more details on the things that interest you by clicking to the appropriate page. We can get your creative journey underway but you need to take the first step and reach out to us.  

Be sure to click on and subscribe to the weekly blog post using the box to the right.  We update every Friday and sometimes more often,  sharing thoughts,  event reminders,  photos,  new merchandise arrivals, and any number of other tidbits of information.  Please check out all our social media.    We are on Facebook, find us as The Village Fabric Shoppe,   or  facebook/quiltpug 

Upcoming Events 

April 1  Store Closed – Not an April Fools Joke – My daughter made regionals and I am going!!!

April 5, Lecture for Skyllkill EGA, What do I do with This??  Shoppe Closed. 

April 8 Bijou Wonder BOM 

April 11 Hand Stitchers Club 10-12

April 12 Work in Progress Day 

April 15,  May Flowers workshop.  1-4

April 20, Free  Threaditation  4-5 

April 22,  Earth Day No Scrap Left Behind 

May 6, Bijou Wonder BOM 10 -12

May 9 Hand Stitchers Club  10-12

May 20 My daughters Graduation, Store Closed

May 25  Free Threaditation  4 – 5 

June 3,  Bijou Wonder BOM  10-12 

June 7 Store Closed,  EGA Lecture

June 10 Part One Hand Quilting for today’s world  1-4 

June 13 Handstitchers Club Meeting  10-12 

June 22   Threaditation Exploration part 1  3 pm

June 24  Hand Quilting for today’s world Part 2   1-4

June 27 Crazy Quilt Club  1-3 

June 29  Threaditation Exploration part 2,  3 pm

July 1 BOM

July 6 Threaditation Exploration part 3 

July 11 Hand Stitchers Club 10-12 

July 13 Threaditation Exploration part 4, 3 pm

July 20 Threaditation Eploration part 5, 3 pm

July 22  Healing Garden redwork workshop  1-4 

July 25  Crazy Quilt Club 1-3

July 27 Threaditation Exploration part 6,  3 pm 

August 5,  BOM

August 8, Hand stitchers Club 10-12

August 12,  Toothbrush Rug –  No scrap left behind!!!  1-4 

August 19  Music on the Porch Day,  bring your instrument!!! 

August 22, Crazy Quilt Club 1-3 

845 758 8541 if you need to schedule your visit

7578 North Broadway  ( Rt 9 )  Red Hook NY  12571

Driving Directions:

From points  south:

if you are on the East ( Red Hook side ) of the Hudson,  take route 9,  If you need to cross the river use the Kingston Bridge and follow rt 199 to the main intersection in Red Hook, where Market St and Broadway cross.   (  rt 199 and rt 9 ) .  You will be making a left at this intersection.   Follow directions from the light below.

From the main light in Red Hook,  head North on route 9 ( Broadway ).   on your right you will see  a new CVS,    we are in the shopping center just past it.  Parking in front and behind our building with no time limit.

Coming from the North,  make the left into the parking lot from rt 9,  past Salvatore’s Pizza, the Nail Salon, and J.Peels Coffee Company.


Our town of Red Hook NY, celebrated its Bicentennial in 2012,  and for over 25 years The Village Fabric Shoppe has been a part of this community.    The quilt we created in honor of the local history is permanently installed in Town Hall.

7 Responses to

  1. Katherin Pitcher says:

    Very welcoming!! Pleasantly supprised by wonderful selection and quility. Diana was extremely helpful. Strongly recommend this shop to beginners and pros.

  2. Donna Davies says:

    That sounds great. I need a class. I have taught myself to make squares, but that is it. I desperately need a class or two! My goal is to make a Halloween quilt.

    • Donna, You can always sign up for one of our workshops, listed on that page of this site, but if you want to make something more specific or prefer a private lesson, we can arrange that too. I love Halloween, and one of my all time favorite blocks is called Spider Web. I also have easy directions for a Jack-O-Lantern project that you might be interested in, Come visit and we can get you going!! -Diana

  3. Rkent says:

    Can we lobby our local officials, Robert McKeon/Ed Blundel for online payment/curbside pickup IF you are willing and able… I need new needles for my machine, sewing face masks for Red Hook Responds and family… and I’m in a bind… hate to go online, when resources exist within our own community.

    • We could probably do a curbside pickup. As of right now I am planning on being at the shoppe for a bit Saturday afternoon. If you text the shoppe phone number 845 758 8541 with what you need I can reply with the exact amount. The credit card services are not hooked up but I will take cash or check. Stay safe and healthy. -Diana

  4. Deedy says:

    how do i get on your mailing list

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