Quilts for Sale

These finished pieces are available for purchase.   Please message us for pricing and any other information.


Scrappy Log cabin with Red Centers.    77 x 77 inches    IMG_3987

Set in a barn raising,  one inch logs,  burgundy and grey borders with grey binding,  backing is a white background with blue and orange flowers.    Some of the yellows and pinks match the diamond in a square that it was found with.   See below,  this potentially dates this quilt to the  1870s.



Diamond in a Square in Pink Green and Yellow      81 x 84


Hand pieced, Hand quilted in a simple grid.   Butted borders.   Brown Stripe on the backing,  labeled, with date 1870.


Sunbonnet Sue   79 x 81


Hand stitched in colored threads, buttonhole stitch and embroidery.   Sue alternates with feather wreath quilting by hand.  Blue border covered with tulle (possibly to lighten color)   back and binding in white.   Has a few worn spots but the quality of the stitching is very high.


Redwork   76 x 78


This stunning piece is dated 1914, with fancy initials G H H.  The skill fully done embroidery is all in red although there are two distinct threads used.  All done by hand, including the quilting of a background grid and wide cables in the border.   It has a knife edge finish.    Motifs include several crosses,   dogs, a horse, tea service, two little boys, and a large stag head in the center.