Summer Showcase

Lettering can carry messages,  both bold and hidden.  It can be a signature,  a dedication,   or even just a graphic element or texture.    There are many ways of adding lettering to your projects too,  from traditional embroidery, or samplers to printing and patchwork.     We have lettering projects for your Text-iles that cover many uses, techniques and skill levels.      So scroll down and find a project that excites your curiosity then call or visit us and register.    If your summer is busy and our scheduled classes don’t work for you we can book your private class on a more flexible schedule for the same price.    These showcase classes will be available through August 30.    See our Skillbuilders page for our permanent set of quilt classes.

Sampler Alphabet Letter

Any gridded pattern for cross stitch or needlepoint can be translated to patchwork.    In this class you will learn how to do it ( and yes it is simple ) and then use your skill to create a letter in patchwork.    When you register you will be given the link for a free set of cross stitch alphabet charts and you may choose to use any of the letters there as the basis of your project.     The sample is a letter L,  and it is 14 inches tall, finished into an 18 inch pillow top.  Other letter styles will give you different sizes of letters.  Ours used an eighth of a yard of the letter fabric and a quarter for the background,  but your yardage may vary.    One session,  3 hours,   $30.00   May 24, 10:30 am


Print the letter you want to use from the free download.  enlarge it to about 4 inches or till you can clearly see it.     bring a drawing ruler,  a pencil, eraser, fine black marker.

For the sewing you need a machine in good working order with thread and bobbin that coordinate with your fabrics.   Pins,  a scrap piece of fabric or batting fat quarter size,   and rotary cutting equipment.    Your 24 inch ruler and a smaller one will be helpful.


Printed Affirmations

This is a two-part project,  first the carving and use of your own original print block,  and then the use of the resulting fabric into a wall quilt or other project.  The more fabric you print in session one the more choices you will have in session two.     Carving a print block that you can use thousands of times is a great way to create custom fabrics that carry your message.   This version of block printing uses simple and easy to carve materials that print beautifully on fabric.   The results often resemble contemporary batik.     At the conclusion of your printing session we will develop your personal plan for using your new fabric.  IMG_7108

In session two we will use your new fabric.    I will share the alternate block pattern I developed so you will be able to use your newly created fabric for a wall hanging, table runner,  or other project.     Two sessions,  3 hours each, $ 60.00  June 13 and 27,  10:30 am   IMG_7109

Session one supplies :     A few sheets of computer or similar paper.   a regular pencil,  At least one new white vinyl eraser,    one or more colors of acrylic based paint ( yes we carry this )  a small foam brush.   a mister type spritz bottle,  Baby wipes for cleanup.    Fabrics ready to print on.    Light solid colors work best,  wash them and press without starch,  and cut to 7 inch squares.   Bring the scraps too.

Session two :  sewing supplies,  machine with matching threads,  your printed fabrics,  rotary cutter, mat and ruler, including a small square.   Fabrics as determined at the end of session one.    IMG_7110


Signature Mandala

This is perhaps my favorite of the text projects.    Based on your own signature you will develop a lovely mandala design that will be stitched mostly by hand.    In the first part you will explore your unique mark making and use radial symmetry and mirror images to create a visually interesting design.   It will be transferred to fabric for embroidery.  In the second part, the stitching will explore the single most versatile stitch,  the running stitch.   It can be used for outlines,  textures,  patterning,  fillers,  construction,  quilting,  and the list goes on.     The possibilities of how to use it and what to stitch it with are nearly endless.     Two sessions,   3 hours each,   $60.00    July 13 & 27,  10:30

Session one:    A few sheets of computer paper,   a black magic marker,  be sure it is bold.   a mechanical pencil,   blue tape,   one fat quarter of fabric,  solid or reads as solid are easiest to work with.   a regular drawing ruler   Optional fabric coloring materials.

Session two:  Your mandala,   large embroidery hoop,   small scissors,  selection of threads, floss and even silk ribbon in colors that you like with your mandala,  Selection of hand sewing and embroidery needles,   backing and batting in fat quarter size.     You will also need two strips cut at 2 1/2 by the width of fabric for a binding if desired.

Quilt Labelling

This will teach you how to add an embroidered label to an already finished quilt.      I never send a quilt out to show without my name,  and often more information stitched directly onto the quilt.     Discussion will also cover some other methods of signing your work,  and what to include or not.    Designing and using the right label can enhance the finished work, and even add to its value.     One session,   2-3 hours,   $25.00    Friday August 10,  1 pm.

Bring:  your project to label,  any facts you want to add to the label,   embroidery floss that contrasts with the background and matches the other colors,  small scissors,  hand embroidery needles,   a pencil and eraser,  a drawing ruler.