Quilter’s Trek

Rocky Road 2020 Quilters Trek

Formerly known as Row x Row, this program is for independent Brick and Mortar Shops only.      During the event dates you may come in and pick up the pattern for our block for free.   Dates this year are June 21st till September 8.

Our Block, pictured above is called Rocky Road.
Strip pieced wedges form four pointed stars when the blocks are put
together.   In the voids between stars, wildflowers are beginning to
bloom reminding us that even in the darkest situations and on the
rockiest of roads, some beauty can be found.


It works well in a row as well.

Kits for the 18 inch block will include a copy of the pattern, fabrics needed, and a special 2 1/2 inch square “token” collectible while supplies last.   This year for the first time they are available by mail during the event which begins on June 21st.     I am sorry to say that at this time our charge machine is out of order so if you want us to mail you a kit you will have to send us a check,  be sure to include your return address.

We are:

The Village Fabric Shoppe,   7578 N  Broadway,  #4  Red Hook NY 12571


Collect and use patterns from at least 8 participating shops to make and finish a quilt.  Be the first or second to bring it to a participating shop and win 15 fat quarters, plus a bonus if you use the blocks from the shop you bring it to.   Prizes will be awarded during the period between July 15 and October 15.   

I really do love this block,  so keep your eyes on this space for information on a possible workshop to use a bunch of these blocks to make a lap sized quilt.

We also have some kits from previous years still available,  at 10% off while supplies last.