Row by Row

This year the theme is Taste the Experience.

Red Hook is the home of an annual Chocolate Festival and it is hard to resist doing anything that has to do with chocolate.    So we decided that the Hugs and Kisses pattern represented a nice experience, and it is very in harmony with the idea of chocolate, so we would use that pattern, but in the colors of chocolate and sprinkles.    RxR2019ChocolateHugsandKissesPhotoSo we have the X for Kisses in Milk chocolate like the silver wrapped treats,  and the O blocks for hugs in a dark chocolate color with tiny white dots like the snowcaps that I like at the movie theater.     We are calling it Chocolate Kisses and Hugs.

You need to make only one simple unit so the piecing is easy and you wont want to stop using them,  just like candy.    Bet you can’t make just one!!

If you are new to Row by Row,   during the specified time you can walk into any participating quilt shop and simply ask for their pattern.   They will give it to you for free.     Often you can buy a kit if you want to.    To be eligible for the prize ( at least 25 fat quarters ) you need to visit 8 shops, make a quilt using all 8 patterns,  and bring the finished and bound quilt to a participating shop before anyone else does.    Each shop will have a winner.     Here is the link to the store finder.

Store Finder

If you hate cutting and want to skip to the good part,  our kit sells for $20.00 and is precut for you.    It includes all the pieces you need plus a few extras so you can just open it up and sit down to stitch.    It sells for $20.00 and makes an 18 inch square project.   If you are doing Row by Row it can also be configured as a “Long Tall Sally” arrangement by placing the blocks in a single long row.

To finish it on it’s own for a table mat or wall hanging you need a fat quarter of batting and backing (it JUST fits)  and two width of fabric strips x 2 1/2 inches for binding.    We used Valentine’s fabric on ours and yes it is available.     We kept the candy theme going by using the Ribbon Candy quilting motif in the chocolate areas.

The Best Part??!!!  – No sugar or calories!!!!

So come in and get your Chocolate fix today!!!!