Annual Redwork Ornament 2020

This year the design is a memorial to out beloved Jake the Quilt Pug. The pattern is free when you come in and pick it up, the materials kit is only $3.00 That hasn’t gone up since we started this program, so you know it’s a good value. I wonder how many of you have made them all?

This year in addition to the ususal, you have the opportunity to have a photo of your pet converted to a redwork ornament like this one. Our pets are beloved members of the family and we love to look at them so why not have them on your holiday tree, or even displayed year round. If it is a memorial project that just makes it even more special to have on view.

To create a pattern for you we will need a photo of your pet. The photo needs to be in good focus, and clearly depict the whole animal. If you are using a cell phone photo please check it carefully to ensure that the image still is in focus when enlarged. The images that are most likely to capture the essesnce of your pet are ones take where the animal is looking directly at the camera, and often that means that the camera is at eye level of the animal.

You can drop off a clearly printed copy of the picture, or email it to us.

Be sure to include your contact information, including a phone number. Knowing a bit about the character of your baby can help us to capture a lifelike expression. You will recieve a line drawing at actual size for the ornament created from your photo, and a materials kit when you pick up your pattern. Additional kits are available.

Your pattern is designed for redwork, but in truth can be worked in any color you wish, including the actual colors of the living animal, and if you enjoy coloring, many types of colored pencils and crayons work well on fabrics. This is not a project that will be washed so permanence is not so critical. Do check for lightfastness. Feel free to consult with us on regarding your materials if you choose to add coloring on the fabric before embroidering.

If you love to applique be sure to let us know that also. Many times, outline embroidery patterns can be used, or slightly modified for use as applique.

Patterns of this type are great on crazy quilt projects too. If your skills are up to it, a copier can shrink the pattern as much as 50% for you to fit into your crazy patch project. We have a number of books in stock that can help with crazy quilting. Please come in and browse.

Custom Redwork Ornament pattern and materials kit is $30.00

Drop off photo in person or

Contact us and send your photo

or message us on Facebook