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This symbol is one of hospitality, kindness, compassion and generosity.   This is what we wish for everyone, regardless of race, gender, orientation, profession or any other factor.  One way to show and share support safely during this pandemic is to stitch a prayer flag using the Heart in Hand symbol and display it where it can be seen.   Please make one and help us to display them across the entire front of our building.  Here’s how.


sample pattern to support essential workers.

Trace your hand on a piece of paper and then draw a heart on the palm.   If desired add a word or two at the wrist.  You can use your own handwriting or trace from a computer printout in any font you like.    This is your pattern.  Trace it to fabric and paint, color, embroider and embellish it as desired.   The sample shown uses stem stitch with three strands for outlines and lettering.   You could use any linear stitches you are familiar with.

A more involved version using fusible webbing will be demonstrated during the online Hardscrabble Day event on September 12, at noon.   Visit this link

The video will be recorded and you should be able to go back and watch at your leisure.   Techniques covered are using fusible web,  buttonhole stitch and stem stitch in hand embroidery,   and if time allows I will show and share some of the finished examples that have been submitted, as well as some vintage quilts using these two embroidery stitches.    

No matter what techniques you use for the image,   Mount it to a 9 x 12 felt square held vertically.  Simple running stitches in colored floss is fine.     The sample shown uses it in purple with all six strands to attach the fabric to felt.  You may use materials you have already at home or…..

We have Free fabric blanks and Embroidery floss available at the Shoppe.   You must pick these up in person.   If you need instruction on fusible applique and basic hand embroidery book a private lesson on prayer flags.   See our workshops page for details of this and all our lessons.

text 845 758 8541 for current hours to pick up supplies or drop off finished prayer flags.    

If you can’t drop off the finished prayer flag in person feel free to pop it in the mail too.

The Village Fabric Shoppe/prayer flag project,

  7578 N Broadway, suite 4,

Red Hook NY 12571,

The more we can hang the bigger the impact!!  — so make as many as your heart moves you to.  Scroll down to view some of the ones that have been submitted,  or better yet come see them in person.    


We will also share photos of them here and on social media with your permission.    If you want it back when the display is over be sure to put your name and contact info on the back.

” Grandma how do you deal with pain?”

” With your hands, dear. When you do it with your mind, the pain hardens even more.”

“With your hands, grandma?”

” Yes, yes. Our hands are the antennas of our soul. When you move them by sewing, cooking, painting, touching the earth or sinking it into the earth, they send signals of caring to the deepest part of you and your soul calms down.
This way she doesn’t have to send pain anymore to show it.

” Are hands really that important?”

” Yes my girl. Thinking of babies: they get to know the world thanks to their touches. When you look at the hands of older people, they tell more about their lives than any other part of the body. Everything that is made by hand, so is said, is made with the heart because it really is like this: hands and heart are connected. Masseuses know this: When they touch another person’s body with their hands, they create a deep connection. Thinking of lovers: When their hands touch, they love each other in the most sublime way.”

” My hands grandma… how long haven’t I used them like that!”

” Move them my girl, start creating with them and everything in you will move. The pain will not pass away. But it will be the best masterpiece. And it won’t hurt anymore. Because you managed to embroider your essence.”

~ Elena Barnabé