Healing Garden

In a dream, a lovely lady showed me a wonderful surreal garden. Things were growing together in ways that they only can in a dream. It was all lush and beautiful and I felt calm and relaxed in that place. She called it my healing garden and I knew I could make it possible to go there whenever I needed. I woke up and decided that it was something that I wanted to share because we could all use some healing energy these days. With that in mind I have used only four simple embroidery stitches, a single color of floss, and even the pieced setting is all the same exact process throughout all the blocks. It has been designed in soft earthy green and pinkish purple with natural muslin for a soothing and calm feel. Spending time each day on this vision has proved to be an effective way of relaxing some of the tensions that exist in the world right now. I would love for you to come with me on this therapeutic stitch project. Join me in the Garden, won’t you??

This project is a series of twelve botanical embroideries in a pieced setting.

Healing Garden on my design wall. Fancy setting

To be invited into the garden, simply purchase the Healing Garden embroidery materials kit either in person or by mail and at time of purchase your email will be added to the list. If you are not a local and need us to ship the kit to you you may send a check to the shoppe or text us and ask me to call you for Credit card information when I am in the shoppe. The total for the kit with tax and shipping is $21.22. where else can you get a years worth of healing projects for that?? When you send a check be sure that your shipping address is also included.

For facebook users there is also a private facebook group called Healing Garden VFS. You will be asked for the date you purchased the materials kit and a couple simple questions to help us get you exactly the guidance level you need for this project.

Once a month, by email you will receive a pattern and instructions. You will need to print out the pattern to trace it to your fabric. A computer printer that can print the monthly patterns and instructions is required. If you do not have access to this a local print shop can usually print things out for you, or have a friend with a printer sign up too!!!  There’s nothing better than spending time in a beautiful garden with a friend. Cutting and piecing for the setting will also be covered in the monthly emails and a fabric pack for that is available as well, but is not required.

The Embroidery Materials Kit contains all of the fabrics and floss you will need to complete twelve embroideries. Experienced stitchers will probably not need to purchase any additional supplies, but below is a list of some of the things that we suggest you have on hand to make the project easier and even more enjoyable.

Folder or binder and page protectors to hold printouts

Mechanical pencil for tracing patterns

Small thread snips – we love the Gingers thread snips!!!

6-8 inch embroidery hoop  ( we like the Morgan lap hoop in 5 & 7 size )

12  x 18 inch piece of felt or non fuzzy batting to hold work in progress

Lighted needle threader

Spare needles

May this journey bring you peace, love and healing in whatever way you need it. 

All 12 embroideries in the simple setting.

October is Roses.