Fall Showcase Classes


Four Square Quilt

This fall our showcase is one patch or mosaic quilts.   These are quilts where the patches are all the same shape and size.   Around the millennium there was a trend for making these with every fabric patch being different, and that version is known as a charm quilt.    Mosaic or One patch quilts can be made of simple squares like our Skillbuilder workshop called Four Square,  or   the elegant and complex looking Rose Star pattern from a kite shaped piece,  to the traditional english paper pieced Grandmother’s flower garden with hexagons. To see a vintage scrappy squares quilt check the before and after photos on our Quilt Conservation Page.    As is usual with our showcase projects we have them scheduled for you,  but can also run them by appointment during the semester.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden


Vintage Hexies

This popular pattern is done with English Paper piecing.   In the Shoppe we have a number of vintage examples in various states of completion.    We carry pre cut paper pieces and you may choose from a few sizes, depending on the scale of the print fabrics you choose.   This hand piecing technique is very portable and is a great way to use small amounts of lovely floral patterns and colors,  or leftovers from that civil war quilt.   One three-hour session,   September 13,  10:30 am.   $30.00


Hand sewing thread and needles

One pin

small scissors for fabric and thread

Paper pieces for EPP   1 or 1 1/2 inch size hexagons

Removable glue pen  or thread for basting.

One wonder clip, small binder clip or clothespin

Cotton fabrics,   fat quarters and scraps are fine.    Traditionally the centers were yellow, the flowers were various colors and the surround was green.   You can also do two rows of petals if desired.

Take a Walk with me  runner

IMG_6982 (3)This is based on a Row by Row pattern.   You may choose to use one of our kits that comes with the graded greens in our sample,  or choose your own colors.    Despite the smaller size of the squares it is quicker and easier than you think to make this lovely and classic runner.  The paw prints are optional.   We used Jake’s print but you can use the prints of any pet that walks.  Fish are really tricky for this project.   One 3 hour session,   $30.00 September 27 10:30 am Supplies:   Class registration comes with pattern.

Rotary cutter ruler and mat


Sewing machine with blending thread

Our kit from the Row by Row Program,  or four fat quarters

for the border and backing – one half yard cut.

for the paw prints,  dark colored fabric about 5 x 7 inches.  small amount of paper backed fusible web,  and paper scissors.









Rose Starimg_6993.jpg

This lovely pattern is done by machine, with a method that makes the set in seams easier than you would imagine.   Make one flower for a table mat,  three for a runner or seven for the quilt.   Our sample is quilted with big stitch ( from our skillbuilder workshop )  If you saw our exhibit at the Dutchess County Fair you may remember this one.  October 18, 11 – 4   $50.00


sewing machine in good working order and bobbins and thread that blends with your fabrics.


Pattern needed for class. Available at the Shoppe.

rotary tools, including a 60  degree ruler ( we have them in stock)

Pins, seam ripper and thread snips or scissors

fabric for full quilt:    1 1/8 yard background,   eighth yard cuts of lots of different fabrics, ( 25-30 )  or a set of fat quarters






Postage Stamp Strippy Quilt

A special gridded interfacing makes working with all those 2 inch squares so much easier.   We raided our scrap boxes and found a wonderful rainbow.   Depending on your tastes and fabric collection other exciting patterns are possible too.    Ours will be completed with big stitch quilting.    Two sessions of three hours,  November 1 & 8.   10:30 am $60.00

supplies:  rotary supplies including a small square

pressing sheet and if you have it an ironing setup ( small iron and board )

a few baggies or small containers to hold squares

Squares,   cut at 2 inches,   you need 250,  but bring extras.   The bigger the group taking the class,   the more you can trade and get exactly the colors you need for a good gradient.

scrap grid,  three panels.

Sewing machine with neutral thread

You may choose yardage for sashing and plain strips after the pieced rows are made.

Thousand Pyramids or  Tumblers


Vintage Thousand Pyramids Quilt top. Circa 1890

This classic design is made of triangles.   If you are a beginning piecer you may prefer to cut the tips off and make the pattern called tumblers, a version with fewer points to be matched.    Usually the upward pointing triangles are colored and the downward are light/background.   It can be scrappy or coordinated.     The biggest part of this project is learning to cut the pieces.    You may use a 60 degree ruler, or a kaleidoscope ruler, or even a wedge ruler designed for dresdens.   There are also templates available.     If you are in doubt about your ruler please bring it in and ask Diana before class.   One 4 hour session,   Dec. 6,  10:30 am  $40.00


rotary cutting supplies including ruler or template as mentioned above.


sewing machine in good working order

background fabric, ( lights )   for a twin size,  2 1/2 yards

color,   for a twin size 2 1/2 yards ,   If you wish to make these of multiple colors or scrappy have a little extra on hand.

Also helpful  are:  a large scrap of batting to serve as a portable design space,  and some baggies for organizing.