BOM, BB’s Civil War Sampler

img_6881 This program will begin on February 11.   The book will be ordered for you and ready for our first meeting.  Please register and order your copy today.   The book and registration for 2017 is $30.00  ( the book normally sells for 29.95 ) This covers your copy of the book, introductory handouts and fabric for the first block.   The book contains 50 blocks with cutting for two sizes, 8 inch and 12 inch finished.   The fabric kit is for the 8 inch size.   There is little construction information and no settings within the book,  however as a member of this group you will be given the sewing and pressing information each month as handouts.   In addition The Village Fabric Shoppe will provide setting options for several size projects through the year,  from single blocks to bed sized projects.       Beginning in March, class and instruction, and a fabric kit will be $10.00 and it will contain enough fabric for the eight-inch block  Fabrics will be of the Civil war type and in great variety but still coordinated.     If finances are what is stopping you please come by and talk with Diana,  we may be able to work something out. img_6882

We will normally meet on the First Saturday of each month at 9 am  Most months we will finish a bit after ten,  and then you can stay and sew at the Shoppe or take your things home and work on them on your own time.  In addition we have Work in Progress Wednesdays,  where our tables are available for you to come and sew on class projects at no charge

This lovely quilt uses all 50 blocks in the 8 inch size.  It is just wonderful and has a nice variety of blocks.


You may also wish to use a camera to record details.  Finished blocks will be posted here.

Here is  a photo of the first 12 blocks so you can see them all.    They are not in any particular order, and simply pinned to the board for now.   You can zoom in if you need a closer look.     The first 12 blocks on a design board.