Alaska BOM


We Meet the first Saturday of the Month at 9 am.    This program will begin in April 2019 and run for six meetings.   The monthly charge is $25.00 which includes the pattern, fabric, and monthly handouts.    You do not need to be an experienced quiltmaker for this but I would not suggest a project of this size be your very first.    If you want to get a taste of something similar try our Traditional Kaleidoscope workshop first and if that goes well then register for this one.

At the meeting we will distribute materials, you will see demos and closeups on samples, and then you will be free to leave and sew at home if desired.    If you need help, or would prefer you can stay and sew at the Shoppe for the remainder of the day.     You are also encouraged to take advantage of our Work in Progress Wednesdays to get your blocks done.   We expect for you to keep up with the program, but if you can’t make a meeting or fall behind on sewing let us know and we can make accommodations.

You are expected to have a sewing machine in good working order, basic rotary cutting setup, pins, seam ripper, and all basic patchwork tools.  If you prefer to sew by hand see me ahead of time to discuss any adjustments we may need to make.  In addition, you will need either the template set for this pattern ($25.00 while supplies last) or a Kaleidoscope Ruler ($13.69) and you will want a square ruler that is at least 9 ½ inches.

As with any large project that covers several months, a bit of organizing is worthwhile.   My personal favorite way to do this is with a small loose-leaf notebook and page protectors.    It will hold the pattern, finished blocks, scraps of fabric, additional notes and even the ruler/templates.   Blue painters’ tape and post it notes are good ways to label blocks without damaging them or having lots of pins that might stick you.    I also find that having a piece of neutral colored felt or batting about a foot square is helpful while sewing to lay out the pieces in the correct spots.

Each month we will do up to twelve blocks.  The piecing each month will be the same for all the blocks, but with different placement of colors.    Staying organized will make the process much easier.   We will work four of each arrangement except for the last one, which is the most complex and for which we need to make only one.

In our last month we will assemble the blocks and add borders.    We can also discuss enlargement options at that point if anyone needs them.      As designed the finish is 71 ½ inches square.

If you are interested but unsure please talk to me and we can usually make accommodations.   All you need to do now is tell me you want to join the program and give me your contact info.   It is a good idea to also subscribe to our blog and like our Facebook page for even more inspiration.    You can register by commenting on this page, the blog, messaging us, calling or of course in person.     I have paper copies of this information when you come in to the shoppe.

(845) 758-8541