Alaska BOM


We Meet the first Saturday of the Month at 9 am.    In June however we will meet on the 8th due to some family events.

At the meeting we will distribute materials, you will see demos and closeups on samples, and then you will be free to leave and sew at home if desired.    If you need help, or would prefer you can stay and sew at the Shoppe for the remainder of the day.     You are also encouraged to take advantage of our Work in Progress Wednesdays to get your blocks done.   We expect for you to keep up with the program, but if you can’t make a meeting or fall behind on sewing let us know and we can make accommodations.

You will need either the template set for this pattern ($25.00 while supplies last) or a Kaleidoscope Ruler ($13.69) and you will want a square ruler that is at least 9 ½ inches.

As with any large project that covers several months, a bit of organizing is worthwhile.   My personal favorite way to do this is with a small loose-leaf notebook and page protectors.    It will hold the pattern, finished blocks, scraps of fabric, additional notes and even the ruler/templates.   Blue painters’ tape and post it notes are good ways to label blocks without damaging them or having lots of pins that might stick you.    I also find that having a piece of neutral colored felt or batting about a foot square is helpful while sewing to lay out the pieces in the correct spots.

As designed the finish is 71 ½ inches square.

For April we are working Blocks # 1 & 3, using template shapes C & D

Alaska  1  3Note that the piecing is the same but the fabrics are in different places.  Also notice that the wide ends of the darker wedges are 1/4 inch from the raw edge.   This allows for perfect points when the blocks are pieced together.

Spiral seam intersection,  Alaska 1Look carefully at the center intersection from the back,   The seams are spiraled and you will do this with every block.   All the wedge seams in each block need to be going the same direction.      Refer to the notes handed out in class for detailed instructions on how to achieve this most easily.

Our May meeting is on Saturday the 4th.    That is also Star Wars Day.  If you want to do something fun feel free.     These are the May Blocks,  Numbers 8, 9 & 11.   Be sure to get the colors in the correct places,  Block 9 is different than block 3 was.  IMG_7167Please make a note,  the June meeting will have to be on the 8th,  I have a family obligation on the first and the Shoppe will be closed.


June Blocks 2 & 5

IMG_7185These are pieced exactly the same,  block 5 is simply block 2 rotated one turn.  You need to make 8 total.     This month we will use shapes B and A for the first time.     They  go together with a B on either side of an A.

When cutting these shapes be sure to nip off the tips if you are using the templates.   If you are cutting with rulers mark the ¼ “ seam intersections at the wide point of the diamond A, and the thin point of the small wedge B.  When adding the first B piece sew from where the fat angle of the diamond and the skinny point of the small wedge align.   On all these units, your quarter inch seams should sit exactly in the valley at both ends. Press towards the wedge and then you can sew on the second B piece.      Press these towards the B, and check that the unit is exactly the same size as your C pieces.  The outside point of the diamond should be a quarter inch from the edge.   If anything is off fix it before putting this unit into a block.      Make all the BAB units first and then  lay out the blocks on the design board.   From there it is just like the blocks we have done all along.

July blocks are # 7, 10 and 12.    7 and 10 are mirror images.    The piecing is the same as the blocks we did in June but the fabrics are in different places.

SO now you should be up to date and have all your blocks pieced.   At our next ( and final )  meeting we will discuss assembly, borders,  other border options,  and quilting.   The date for that meeting is October 5,  the first Saturday in October.      I can’t wait to see you and all your projects.    Please bring show and tell!!!!