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This coming Thursday we have a free Threaditation session at 4. It is open to everyone, and the more frequently you attend these monthly session the more benefit you get from it. Threaditation is at its heart a practice of being at peace. I know that in our crazy world peace is a difficult commodity but i believe in my heart that it is something we can create for ourselves if we only practice doing it. I also believe that it can spread just the way that more negative emotions can. Threaditation sessions for free is one way I am actively trying to put some more good into the world. I have more ways to spread peace too, a project called, “I found a Quilted Heart”

In the Fall 2022 issue of Quilting Arts magazine, there was and article introducing this project where you make a small quilted heart and abandon it in a public place for someone else to find and take home. There is a website and a facebook group for finders to post their stories and let me tell you that it will completely restore your faith that humanity is capable of love and compassion and that we really can make a difference. At Thursday’s Threaditation session I will have printed tags and heart shaped templates and some materials to share, as well as some ideas of local places to leave the finished hearts. I love the idea of this project and hope that you all will come join us to find some good vibes for yourself and to do something material to spread it around. Our world needs more projects like this.

If your heart leads you to bigger projects for spreading the love lets chat because I have long wanted to get a sewing for charity group going at the shoppe and I am looking for someone to spearhead it for me. There are unfortunately always groups, families, organizations, and individuals who have needs that can be met with a donated quilt or quilted items. If you are interested in taking part and using your talents to help the world let me know and we can get something started.

Remember that the annual Redwork ornament is now available and you can pick up your pattern for free and the optional materials kit for only $3.00 See you all on Thursday for some Threaditation.


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