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This year has been the year of the butterfly here at the shoppe. To celebrate and say thank you to everyone who is a loyal customer and friend the annual free redwork ornament is a butterfly. But it is not just any butterfly. This is taken from a drawing study I did a while back, after the work of Maria Sibylla Merian. Let me tell you about her and her work so she can inspire you as much as she did me.

The book I was studying was originally published in 1705, in Denmark, and contained plates of prints colored with watercolor of insects and plants. Maria had done the research and drawings and collected specimens herself in Surinam. She travelled there several times (mostly without her husband) and eventually she and her daughter even emigrated to Surinam. She studied entomology and botany and was one of the first to scientifically document the symbiotic relationships between plants and insects. My copy of her book is a facsimile edition that is huge. I have been doing drawings based on the plates as a means to keep my drawing skills sharp. This years redwork ornament comes from a drawing I did of the butterfly on a leaf from the illustration shown below. The photos are not great but I will bring the book with me to the Shoppe on Saturday if you want to see it in person. I wont be storing it there, but the Monarchs group may be interested so I will lug it around for the day.

The annual redwork pattern is available to you only when you visit the shoppe in person, and I do have a materials kit for it available. That materials kit has been uniform since this program began, and the price of that kit has not gone up ever. The project is a great take along, redwork is simple to do and this pattern is one that could be used in a huge number of ways, whether or not you choose to use our materials kit. I very well may work one in color and use it as a notebook cover. I promise that I will post photos if I manage to get that done. The image below is on it’s side so you can see it bigger.

Tomorrow. Saturday November 5 is the Crazy for Moanrchs group at 10. We will be stitching a spiders web, (or fan if you color it differently). This particular web is inspired by on eon a vintage crazy quilt in my personal collection. Tuesday is Hand stitchers club and there is so much creativity going on you shouldn’t miss it. The sampler continues with a churn dash block, several of us are working on Healing Garden, and now of course there is a new free redwork design too!! You know the rules, as long as you don’t bring your machine, you are free to work on anything you love. As always let us know you want to attend.

And lastly, there is still room in the fall landscape workshop for the 10th. Here is my finished sample.


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