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I was going to write about something else today and then I had a conversation with my husband at the breakfast table that touched a subject that has come up a few times this past week. The difference between a beginner and an expert. There is a quote and probably a couple of memes about the idea that an expert has failed more times than the beginner has tried. And I know that a fair amount of you have heard me say that I know how to fix things because I have made every mistake in the book at least once or twice. Experts generally have a level of confidence within their self made boundaries (style and preferences) and don’t regularly work beyond those boundaries. Beginners may also have hopes for style and preferences, but in the pursuit of technical knowledge seem more willing to transgress those boundaries. At least that has been my experience as a teacher and lifelong student. I may take a class or workshop just to find out how it’s done, even if I know that it’s “not my thing.” This curiosity is critical to the learning process, and most new quilters have it in abundance. This curiosity is what defines the joy of having a beginners mind, even if you are not really a beginner.

Chrysalis at the Shoppe. Look at that metallic!! Metaphorically this is a beginner ready to blossom!!!

I love the enthusiasm that comes with the so called beginners mindset. But in truth it is very helpful to have someone more experienced to guide you into steps that grow logically, build on one another and develop in a direction that brings ever more satisfaction. That is where I come in, and when I have other teachers (like Diane Johnson) come in and do workshops or run clubs it is to help you find the exact instruction you need to continue on your creative quilt and stitch journey. Diane and I have different sensibilities and specialties and we compliment each other nicely. I highly suggest that you take advantage of her instruction when you have the opportunity. We have had to cancel the September punch needle workshop, if you have signed up we will roll your registration to the October session. This cancellation is in part due to the backorder of several of the embroidery floss colors (and of course it is major players) even in more than one distributor. Some of the residual supply chain issues in the world seem to be still at fault.

I also wanted to share a less scrappy version of the spiderweb project. This one will be quilted and hung on the wall year round in the “Spider Room” in my house. For those of you who didn’t know, my husband collects tarantulas. We currently have 8. They are fascinating and nice and quiet as pets. And since you are wondering, Percival the Quilt Pug completely ignores them.

Please get registered for the class or workshop that excites you and continue your journey with a beginners mind.

See you soon.

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  1. Marie Dunne says:

    Lots of food for thought here. I always enjoy your newsletters, and I learn something new about the world or myself in every one of them. Thank you, Diana.

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