Butterflies are everywhere!!!

I have been busy updating things on our website, and finishing a repair job that I do hope will be picked up this weekend. The page for the punchneedle workshop is now live and you can call, text. or email us to register and let us know which colorway for the kit you would like to have, I might suggest one of each because I know you will want to make some gifts and use this adorable butterfly design at least a couple of times. The samples are made up as bookmarks, but they would also be great on boxes, as notebook covers, or even in a crazy quilt!! I know that at least some of you are working on one that is even Butterfly themed.

Today is a stunningly lovely day. I would love to spend it outdoors with some live butterflies, but I will be doing computer things all day so I’ll settle for enjoying these project images for now. The laptop I am currently typing on has a touchscreen broken in such a way that I cannot close it. That means that it stays at home, in my sewing space instead of my machine. This has been the situation for almost 2 weeks, but the new laptop has arrived and today is the day I get it up and running and hopefully transfer all my vital info to the new hardware. I am sharing all this because I am still in the process of getting the rest of the fall lineup onto the web and I thought you deserved to know why it is taking me so long.

For the moment I will remind you that tomorrow, (9/3) at ten is the monthly meeting on the monarch butterfly project, and Tuesday (9/13) at ten is our meeting of the hand stitchers club. We will continue on the sampler quilt and also help you with your hand stitched WIP’s and UFO’s. If you need to get your calendar marked with all the great things coming up here at the Shoppe you can check the events tab and get a quick overview of all the inspiring things we have coming up, including some that are free. Looking forward to a great fall with all of you.

Oh and one more quick reminder if you do Facebook, with our page or one of our groups be sure to like and comment and share posts or we wont show up in your feed. The algorithm is truly annoying that way.

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