Prayer Pockets

Yesterday’s Threaditation session was wonderful. I shared the threaditation process and how to make the finished piece into a prayer pocket. These little envelope like pockets are designed to hold a small written prayer or charm or crystal and keep it safe as it rests in your pocket till your wish is fulfilled.

This version is the is the size of a trading card, or ATC (Artist Trading Card) I handed out plastic templates that are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch rectangles, but you could make one for yourself or use and old Garbage Pail Kid trading Card. Here’s how to make a prayer pocket from a small piece of embroidery or Threaditation. Take the embroidery and put it down face up, take another piece of fabric (at least 3 x 4 inches) and fold it in half right sides out. align the raw edges with the bottom of the embroidery, and top this with another piece of fabric at least 3 x 4 inches, face down. Pin the layers to hold them in place, trace out the rectangle from the tracer. The traced lines are your sewing lines, stitch on them all the way around, but leaving a space on the bottom or top open for turning. Turn it right sides out and push out the corners. If the pocket is on the wrong side you can just flip it to the other side. Close the opening and you are done.

The event was beneficial to all of us and so we have elected to continue to do these sessions, free and open to anyone, Our next one will be on July 28, Thursday, at 4 pm. I will be updating the events page on the website and facebook very shortly with all of our July schedule. I hope to see all of you participating and enjoying.

The prayer pockets are part of a movement to put art and good vibes out into the world and an increasing number of people are making small items like these to abandon in public spaces to pay it forward. If you make any of these I would like to suggest abandoning them in the Little Free Art Gallery that is here in Red Hook, in front of the Equis Art Gallery on Main Street. (Or you can bring them to me and I’ll drop them off.) Have fun with these and definitely share them and the threaditation sessions with your friends.

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