Get the Zen Flowing!!

Threaditation is the act of stitching to achieve a relaxed zen-like state, with minimal thoughts about the finished product. It may be exactly what we all need these days. A few minutes to breathe, handle soft threads and fabrics, play with color and drain out some of the tensions the world keeps putting on us. So many of us know intuitively that stitching and quilting helps our mental and emotional states. When asked why we do it, mostly the answers are that it is fun, I like doing it, and it keeps me calm. If any of those answers resonate with you then you’ll want to give Threaditation a try. We have a free session happening in person at the Shoppe this Thursday from 4-5. We can even give you stithching materials for this event when you show up.

Learning to turn stitch into a form of relaxation and almost a mediation be transformative. With a little guidance and support from me, and the intention to practice it regularly you can make positive changes in how you dissipate the stresses of daily life. – and who knows how that can ripple into good things in all areas of your life. But all of that starts when you show up. Bring your stitching glasses if you need them and a water bottle or nice cup of herbal tea and lets spend an hour together peacefully stitching. Let me know you are coming.

There is a bit more information if you want it on the Threadiation page of this site, and the Threaditation Facebook group. If you can’t join us in person try us there.

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We are open 12-5 Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday Tuesday and Friday by appointment.
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