Time to mend the world

Now that the year 2022 is underway, we are into the long dark that runs till Valentine’s Day or thereabouts. Since we are very blessed to have electric lights, it is the perfect time to get some stitching done. It’s cold and dark outside, warm and cozy and bright inside for stitching. We have plenty to offer that will assist you in this endeavor. From supplies to by appointment workshops (see the No Machine Needed page) to Clubs and even Facebook Groups we can keep you stitching all night if you want.

One trend that is both enjoyable to do and really great for the environment is the idea of visible mending. It allows for an extended life for garments and other textiles that might otherwise be discarded. This is great for keeping things out of the landfills, and reduces the need for brand new garments, saving money and making your garment more personal. The Japanese art of Boro is an ancient artform that is in essence visible mending. If you take our course on Sashiko that begins on January 13 you will be able to experience Boro for yourself. Well, an slightly updated more modern version. Since I am not a traditional Japanese fisherman, what I stitch will by necessity be Boro Inspired. But you will love it either way. I have a small pile of garments at home that I have loved and when they developed holes I couldn’t bear to part with them. I now know how I want to repair them and I promise that I will share photos.

If a three session course is too much for you, You can easily purchase a pre printed panel or kit of sashiko and join us at the hand stitchers club meeting in February. (We are still doing UFO’s in January) By necessity the hand stitchers meetings on sashiko will be a more basic introduction, so you can have a small taste without getting lost in details. Pre printed designs limit the scope of the designs but are still beautiful, useful and will introduce you to the style and technique. We will likely offer our full sashiko and Boro course again in the spring or by individual appointment so you can get a taste at the club meeting and then dive deeper with the course.

Coming up this week we have Handstitchers on Tuesday and Crazy Quilt Club on Saturday. As always let us know that you are planning to attend.

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  1. Diane Johnson says:

    These techniques are perfect for this time of year – nice to cozy up with a cup of tea and hand stitch. So relaxing!

  2. jljstitch says:

    I won’t be at the January or February hand stitchers group. Hope to see you in March.

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