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We had a wonderful time yesterday in the Scrappy buttonhole Flowers workshop. We had both experienced stitchers and beginners, but everyone did a wonderful job. Most of our participants began thinking they would make a pillow. But after they found out how enjoyable these blocks are to make I think the project will get bigger. One of us has planed a runner for her dresser, and coordinated all the scraps with the vintage feel of that room. great idea. Another person felt that the black stitching was too harsh and used a mellower deep brown with her warm fall colors of scraps.

The photo catches a rare quiet moment. Our conversation was lively and interesting too.

By now you know that I have added a second session for this Thursday 2 – 4 Two people that I was expecting didn’t show up yesterday, so if you are one of them, reach out to me and let me know if you want to attend this week.

As we stitched and discussed our scrap collections I shared another scrap quilt currently at the shop that uses buttonhole stitch to do the applique. This one has a very different feel and I do believe that at least one of yesterdays participants will be making some blocks this way too. One of the things I like about scrappy work is the opportunity to play with combinations of colors and patterns that would possibly be too much on a larger scale.

Seeing how the same fabric can look so very different with other colors around it is endlessly fascinating to me. The two greens in the photos below are the SAME FABRIC. With the visuals isolated by the photo you would never know that they are exactly the same fabric.

Here is a view of a larger section of the quilt so you can get am idea of the overall effect. If you want to see the entire quilt top by the shoppe. The background squares are about 6 inches and the on point ones are about 3 or 4 inches. Check it out in person soon, and be sure to let me know you are attending on Thursday.

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