Why DO they cross the road??

Spring is definitely here. It is still cold, we may still have some snow, but the little creatures can feel the sun shining stronger and longer. The equinox is this weekend. Last night, the local migrations began. Lots of frogs crossing roads to get to ponds for breeding. Lots of frogs. I am proud to say that my daughter is the one who noticed and she stopped the car to help them across. In another spot closer to home there were more, and one suprise, a yellow spotted salamander. She knew I would be excited about it and brought it home, where we quickly took a couple pictures and then I hopped in the car with her to return it to the place it was gathered and released it on the side of the road it was heading towards.

These critters are a threatened or endangered species (depending on where you are ) and it was ther first time I have seen one on my road. Like most amphibian species they are considered an indicator species and envoironmental scientists can estimate the health of an ecosystem by how the local amphibians are doing. Seeing this guy made my week. There were many challenges this week and it makes me feel so much better when the universe sends little messages like this to not give up.

So in my book, the amphibians are on the move and that means its time to start the seeds that will go outside. I do try every year to put in a veggie garden, even if I am not always sucessful. I find the racks of seed packs to be so full of potential and hope that I can rarely resist. Perhaps that is why I couldn’t resist the seed packs panel that formed the basis of the Beds and Borders quilt. I have kits available for this colorful reminder of the colors to come as our world thaws out. Not only would it be a great couch throw for the still cold nights, but it would work just as well on the bed of a future gardener. The fabrics are from Benartex but the deisgn is mine, based on a traditional medallion style quilt, but updated with a little bit of improvizational patchwork in a border. It hits a wonderful balance between controlled and wild, just like a good garden. Why not get a new project going for National Quilting Day tomorrow? I’ll be in the shoppe so you can pick up the kit, or call during hours and I can take your order by credit card and mail it out to you.

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