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Although the events of the last few days have not been unexpected, they have nevertheless created an abundance of negative emotional reactions in myself and many of those around me. I have been torn between trying to stay informed of the latest development, and the need to get away from it all, fighhting a deep desire to simply hide. Finding a calm and rational center in the midst of it is a challenge. An attempted overthrow of our democracy strikes deeply at some of my most dearly held beliefs. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and a core belief that all humans have a divine connection to all other humans and indeed all living creatures. It is these beliefs that I try to exercise every day in my dealings with family, friends, students and customers and yes even random strangers. It is why I ususally go out of my way to avoid public discussions of religion and politics. These two subjects are the most divisive that I know of and a house divided cannot stand. I have always done my best to find the common ground and set up house there, and although I condem those who stormed our capital, and all who supported and encouraged it, I will continue to offer the salve of creative activity to all who seek it. Let us continue to make beautiful things to soothe our hearts, minds and souls.

The new quilt Bed and Borders might be the perfect thing. It is the season for seed catalogs and looking with hope and anticipation to the Spring weather to come. The cheerful prints and bright colors are an excellent foil to the dark days of winter. The central bed uses a simple method of making quarter square triangles and it is surrounded by seed pack images, Just like the plant markers your garden will sport in a couple months. Around that are small daisy like flowers, that to me is a bed of chamomile. The borders get a bit less structured as they grow outwards, just like a mass of fully mature garden plants create a tangle of greens and flowers. This is a Village Fabric Shoppe original and the kit includes the pattern. For ordering info see our Merchandise page, or come pick yours up in person. We are also offering private in person instruction with social distancing protocols.

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