Healthy and Happy Holidays

This year the holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Years are going to be different. The CDC is suggesting that everyone stay home and there are Memes galore suggesting the same. This means that the small gestures that we can still make are going to be extra important. Since most of us are having extra time at home, we may actually have the time to send out cards, make gifts and cookies, and decorate a bit more than ususal. I think all of this is an excellent idea. Doing these things to mark the passages and seasons are more important than ever if we are all going to get through healthy and happy.

During this past week I knew I needed to do something just because, something not too taxing, small and finishable, and when I saw a star shaped patchwork ornament online I thought that it would be perfect. So I clicked on it and the instrcutions were no longer available. So I drafted it out and cut a template. I so enjoyed making it that I did a second one, and this time I fussy cut for a totally different look. By this time I was sure that you would all enjoy doing this same thing so I wrote out some directions, cut a bunch more templates and fabrics, and took some photos. The result? A kit for you that makes two ornaments. Complete with fabrics, satin cord for hangers, pre cut template, vintage buttons and even a stuffing tool. And if you don’t want to make an ornament, stuff it a bit harder and leave off the hanger and you have a cute pincushion that you can keep all your pointy bits safe while you stitch.

I will also be making up more fabric gift bags, and hoping that I get some of the ones I made last year back. The gobs of wrapping and tissue and cheap boxes that end up in the trash after the holidays has always bothered me, even as a kid I carefully opened birthday gifts and folded the paper to use again in some way. My cousins teased me about it regularly. I love the resuable nature of fabric gift bags. Lets see if we can make this a trend.

As the holidays are nearly apon us it is more important that ever that we do what is needed to keep ourselves healthy and to express love and gratitude to those who are important to us. These little projects are one way that we can do that.

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