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In several conversations this week the subject of creativity and motivation came up. Almost every creative type I know, no matter the medium, has experienced a slump over the last half year. With so many things not operating in the normal way it is not a stretch to understand that energy once devoted to creative thought and activity is being used up in other ways. Understanding this is not our personal fault can help us to be less hard on ourselves but it doesn’t get us going again. After many years of studying creativity, and fighting my way back from many major and minor slumps myself I have found that there is no one single strategy that works all the time. So the following is a list of possibilities to try out if you need a blast of creative mojo.

Try something new that you are curious about. Forcing your hands and head to move in a new way can shake things up just enough to get going again.

Find a nearly finished project and finish it today. Don’t go to sleep unitl it is fully done. Knock it out, then tomorrow show someone who will give you a compliment on it and celebrate a finish. Send me a photo!!! You know that it is a rush of positive energy.

Sometimes you just need to break the inertia, so doing something easy, the kind of thing you don’t need to think about can help. Personally I go to improvizational pieceing by machine, or hand quilting. The familiar comfort of a process that is like an old friend can coax out more creative ideas.

Clean your sewing space. Most of the time this results in the clearing away of cluttered energy, and sometimes you will find a project that calls to you.

Go deep and do some reserach on an aspect of your medium that you would like to know more about. Learn about the history, and obscure technique, read up on color, design, or some other aspect to get your appreciation going again.

Take a screen vacation. Turn off all screens in your life for a day (or more) Screens are very visually compelling and if you can muster the discipline of not having the tv or computer running in the background and checking social media constantly you can free up significant amounts of creative energy.

Most importantly, understand that if a creative block goes on for a long time and interferes with your self image or makes you feel poorly, it can be very helpful to talk to someone – A Creative friend, even a counsellor if it is really bad. I’m not a counsellor, but I have studied creativity in many capacities and am trained to help nuture it in others. Please reach out. Make an appointment and it will be private so we can talk, we can stitch, and it wouldn’t be the first time we can cry or laugh, and sometimes both.

Since the world is not looking like it is getting back to normal any time soon I am investigating some new ways for us to do a series project together instead of the ususal Block of the Month. At the moment I am considering facebook live and a private facebook group or an email list supported by video on youtube. If you have a preference please let me know. I want to reach as many of you as I can without having to spend all my time with my laptop instead of needle and thread.

If you need an appointment 845 758 8541 villagefabricshoppe@gmail.com

May you have a creative day!! See you soon

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