Annual Redwork Ornament

This year has been crazy and the chaos isn’t over, but some things need to continue. There are things that we all count on to keep some semblance of normalcy. The annual redwork ornament is one of those things. And yes I did consider making it mask shaped, and I did actually do a drawing of toilet paper, but I know that when things eventually settle that those things could easily fade in to the mists of memory and we would not be worse off for it.

I chose instead to create an ornament in memorial. The image is one I drew from a photo of Jake, and I gave him a big bow. His presence in my life and also for some of you was a gift. I miss him, but I know he made my life richer and so he is the image for the redwork project this year.

It is a bit more detailed than the ususal one, but if you have been doing these all along there should be no problem. I also attached it to the felt in a new way, but you can use which ever method from the past that you like. As usual, the pattern is free when you come in to pick it up, and if you need a materials kit they are only $3.00

I know that the bonds we have with the animals in our lives are often deep, and although different in type, they are family and very loved. With this knowledge in mind I also will offer to make a pattern from a photo of your pet. For the best results it needs to be a sharply focused photo of the whole animal, taken from eye level. If you are printing a photo from a cell phone, enlarge it a bit and be sure that it is truly in sharp focus. What can look sharp at cell phone size can be very fuzzy once enlarged. I will convert to a redwork suitable design, actual size printed in black on white paper for easy tracing. I’ll also give you a materials kit at pickup. All for $30.00 Finished pattern must be picked up in person (can do curbside if you want ) See the redwork page on this website for more details.

Please stay safe and calm. Remember that there is still love in the world. Call, text, message or email to make an appointment to come in and shop or pick up your 2020 redwork ornament pattern. 845 758 8541

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  1. Maureen Gottschalk says:

    Very nice job. I know you miss Jake. I miss my Clare….

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