Beginning Again

This week I have started playing guitar again after not being able to for a long time. Lessons stopped when covid hit, and when virtual lessons became a possibility I was facing back and knee issues, so I haven’t really played for quite a few months. I knew I was missing it, but when I tried to pick up from where I left off I found that pieces that were challenging me before were all but impossible now. The frustration was intense, and very unhelpful.

So after procrastinating a bit by watching you tube videos, I realized that the issue was that my hands were physically out of practice. Just like an athlete coming back from an injury I had to start off slow and work back to full strength. After I stopped laughing at the idea of me being like an athlete in any way, I found one of my old method books and started at page one. This time, with the idea of being in training, I found that the gradual reintroduction of skills and movements felt exciting and I rediscovered a few melodies that were inspiring. Concentrating on basics and fundamentals has renewed my enthusiasm, and improved my skills.

I am telling you all about this because Quilting is the same. IF it has been a while, approach with the idea of training. Pay attention the way you would when learning it for the first time. Start simple, Nine patches, snowballs, maybe log cabin, find some great fabrics that you totally love, or alternately choose fabrics you just want to get rid of so you are not invested in the outcome. Be super aware of the process, consider every step as if you are doing it for the first time. When athletes train, they break down everything into simple components and analyze movement and result, repeating the winning way exactly, over and over till they can only do it the best way. I’m not saying you need to make 100 blocks unless you want to, I’m saying that awareness and interest in the process instead of just wanting the outcome is beneficial.

If you need help, we have lots of workshop possibilities that can get you in love with quilting all over again. ( and possibly using up some of that stash of fabrics ) We are doing private lessons so social distancing protocols are followed, and it has been so nice that we have even been able to leave the door open for ventilation. So browse our offerings and get that stash used up. New fabrics are expected in at any moment so its time to get going again.

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