Some labels are a good thing

Many kinds of blind labelling can be bad, but some labels are definitely helpful. How else would we know what is in that can on out pantry except for the label?? It is the same with quilts. The more important a quilt is the more critical it is that it has a label. At the very least initials and a date. This one from the every first Block of the month I led as owner of the Shoppe may contain the minimum of information but it is probably the fanciest one I have ever done, and it is on the front of the quilt.

There are many reasons to label a quilt, important ones should have that documentation, quilts gifted for significant occasions should carry that information, like this simple label for a wedding gift. It is simply written on a computer in a nice simple font, printed out and traced with a micron pen to white fabric. It has the feel of an antique inked signature and works beautifully to get the needed info on the quilt.

Another reason to get a label on a quilt is if you are going to exhibit it. Local guild show, county fair, hanging at church or your local shop, if you are hanging it and you wont be there the whole time to watch it having some identification on it is important. When I know I am sending a quilt out to show, and/or travel I often put my name inside the binding as an additional safeguard. If your quilt is to be judged the venue will give you a number label so that your personal information is hidden, helping the judges to remain impartial. The show label is often just a piece of muslin with a number on it, but large enough to be seen at a distance, and to cover any other label that might already be on it.

So if you have a quilt that needs a label, I can help you create a nice one that suits the quilt and reason for the label. We even have a couple of copies of this CD of Fancy designs that you can print from your computer. Not sure why the photo is showing upside down.

Oh and I should also tell you that the fusible interfacing you all wanted for mask making has finally arrived in the shoppe. If you need some, or anything else for that matter book your appointment by phone, or text at 845 758 8541, on Facebook, or visit us during regular hours Saturday 12 -5

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