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I am getting used to the new editor format for this site. There is definitely a learning curve and that has me thinking about new things in general. So many are starting the academic year in unusual situations and facing learning curves that are unexpected. Before you can even do anything you need to learn some new vocabulary, then gathering appropriate resources, understanding the time needed for a given task, and actually doing something. This goes for quilting too. It is so easy to underestimate the learning curve. I always counsel beginners to choose a small project that they can finish in a reasonable time frame, even if they really want to eventually make a bed covering for their king sized bed. The other two components that are important to easing the learning curve are to choosing techniques that are within your grasp, and having good guidance. The Village Fabric Shoppe can provide all that is needed.

Tomorrow, September 12, at noon New York Time, I will be live on facebook for the new online version of Hardscrabble Day.

I will be demonstrating how to use fusible web to applique a heart in hand image and two hand embroidery stitches.

Both fusing and hand embroidery are techniques that are simple to learn, have been used on quilts for ages, and give you many options for design. The prayer flag is a small project that can be finished and displayed easily. We hope that you would allow us to display it outside the shoppe. The more we have the bigger the impact, but you can display it anywhere.

The pink one pictured here uses hand embroidery to create the image and lettering, and the red one uses fusible applique. Combining these two techniques allows almost unlimited possibilities. For more ideas for this project see our page here or visit the shoppe to view the many submissions in person. Most of them are hanging outside. They are hung so that you can see the fronts while standing on our covered walkway. ( Safety first ) If you are inspired please stop in on Saturdays and pick up a fabric blank and some embroidery floss for free.

Find the live video at noon New York Time, on Facebook at Historic Red Hook/ Arts and Crafts

I hope to be able to share the video to the page here as well, but with the new block editor who knows.

We will open tomorrow after the video is done, but feel free to come and watch us film in person through our front window.

If the Facebook thing doesn’t work for you consider taking a private workshop on one of our many offerings, including the prayer flags! Check the workshops page for all the options!

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