Labor Day Already???

Can’t quite believe that this summer is nearly over. Back to school season is here, in whatever way that happens. It is possibly the strangest one I have experienced. I am thankful that my daughter is out of the public school system, and I send love and support to those who may have to homeschool this fall. Colleges are all over the place in their responses too, already many that have had students come back are having to close. My girl is home for the year, she made the choice to take a gap year rather than do her education online for the same tuition as in person would have been. So this fall is unusual. But I am glad to have her around.

Most of the usual fall things are just different this year. The town festival here in Red Hook, known as Hardscrabble Day, is being done online. There are going to be live Facebook video in many categories, music, food, animals, history and heritage, and our category, arts and crafts. We will be doing a live demonstration of Heart in Hand Prayer Flags that includes how to use fusible webbing and two common hand embroidery stitches. Here is the link.

It will be on the heart in hand page on the website and linked from the Shoppe’s facebook page too. After it is over, it should be archived so that you can watch later if you want to see it again or can’t attend live.

Another thing that feels strange this fall is that there are no in person quilt shows. Many of you spend the summer months finishing and prepping quilts for the fall show season, and with no fair, and no local shows, the urgency of deadlines just isn’t there. The other thing that often happens during the approach of fall is that I do a post about critiquing. When you are looking at quilts online there is very little chance that the maker will here your comments, and it is may hope that if you feel the need to write a comment that you will be kind.

This year I want to spend a moment asking you how you critique your own work. Are you kind to yourself? Does the desire for perfection stop you in your tracks and suck the enjoyment out if it? Please remember that perfection is a Myth. Instead, remember that quilting is a never ending learning experience, and aim for progress over perfection. Please remember to speak kindly to yourself. Also please remember that we are available by private appointment to help with any projects that are vexing you. Just call or text to 845 758 8541 to book.

On Hardscrabble Day, Sept 12, which is Next Saturday, we will open at 1 so that we can film live for our noon event. We will have handouts available in shoppe and fabric blanks and embroidery floss to give out while supplies last.

One last reminder, that Tuesday is the absolute last day to get the Quilter’s Trek pattern for free just for visiting our shop in person.

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