Antique Feeling

I currently have 10 lovely antique quilts in the Shoppe that are for sale.   I also have possibly two more arriving tomorrow.     Since we cannot have in person groups right now I have them laid out on our big table as if they are ready for an old fashioned bed turning.  When you visit I will be happy to show them to you in a private bed turning.  It is a display that is almost impossible not to touch.  ( doesn’t that sound kind of sexy?? ) A vintage or antique quilt has a softness that is like Grandmas eyes as she looks with love on a little one.   It’s a kind of caring that we all need more of right now.    Hand sanitizer has been a wonderful thing lately.   We keep it right by our door and have requested that everyone use some when you come in.    The stupid virus doesn’t live long on fabric so as long as you don’t sneeze of cough on it,  and you have used hand sanitizer, antique feeling is ok.   But I do ask that you don’t lay down on them or wrap yourself in them until you own them.    Over the next week or so I will be putting a page on this website with photos and information on provenance if we have it,  sizes and pricing.   But here you have some quick shots taken with my phone.   Let me know if you are interested in any of these.   IMG_3987


I am taking pre orders for Teri Lucas’s new book on Color and Freemotion Quilting.    Let me know if you want a copy.   Since she can’t be travelling to NY any time soon,  if there are enough of you interested we can send them together to her to sign.

Keep your Prayer Flags coming.    We will be beginning to hang them outdoors very soon.   There will be a reverse parade for Hardscrabble day,  and A Facebook live event with a tutorial on them so I need lots of them.    I’ll keep everyone posted when I find out  times for these live events.   It’s very important for us to continue to have events to look forward to, and I hope this brings you happiness.

Now if you will excuse me I have some antique feeling to do.

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