Bowtie Quilt


I get in quilts that look like this pretty regularly.  Loved nearly to death.  This bowtie quilt is one, and you may have heard me talking about it.   It had been worked on before,  much earlier in it’s life, and possibly by the same hand that made it.  The original stitches and the first set of repairs matched very well, even if I could see that the fabrics used in the covered over patches were of a different feel, and some of the whites are a poly blend.   But this quilt is still very loved by it’s family,  so I felt a great need to keep the same basic aesthetic on it even if I couldn’t exactly match the fabrics.     Here are the fabrics I ended up using,  some of which are genuine vintage, and a couple are reproductions.   They are sitting on top of the quilt backing.      IMG_3965

The process involved using 80 weight thread to darn closed about 75 small holes where the fabric was strong enough to hold it,  and covering over a hundred patches that were no longer there,  or strong enough to stand up to use.   In most cases it is preferable to not remove anything to repair, so very often the original fabric is not removed but simply covered.   In some places I had to add batting as well.   Thanks to a simple in the ditch quilting pattern I was able to replace the quilting in the same step as replacing the patches.     The owner picked it up this week and was very happy with the results.   I was too.

I am already on to the next project,  but I wanted to share this one with you.    Over the next few weeks I will be photographing a number of antique and vintage bed sized quilts that I have in the shoppe that are for sale.   At the moment they are ready for a bed turning on our big tables,  I may video that, but for now if you want to see them up close make an appointment and I will be happy to oblige.

As a reminder,  the Heart in Hand Prayer Flag project is still running,  and the Quilter’s Trek kits are still available, and the free pattern is still free if you pick it up in person.   call, text, or email for appointments, or visit in person with a mask Saturdays 12-5.    See you soon.

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