Quilter’s Trek

So how is a program designed to bring traffic into brick and mortar shops going to run this year???    It used to be called Row x Row,  but this year is different.  The program begins Sunday,  and you will still be able to get your free pattern for our 18 inch block just by visiting.  But new for this year you can order the kits by mail.    Rocky Road 2020 Quilters Trek

I am very happy with our block.   As you may remember I did another version, and I think the final version is lovely and is just what I wanted.   Those blues are so vibrant in person.    Here’s how I described it.

Strip pieced wedges form four pointed stars when the blocks are put
together.   In the voids between stars, wildflowers are beginning to
bloom reminding us that even in the darkest situations and on the
rockiest of roads, some beauty can be found.

There is a whole page on this website with more information about the program and this block.  Please check it out.

I want to thank everyone who visited the shoppe Saturday on our first day back, and IMG_3796particularly if you took fabric and thread to make a Heart in Hand Prayer Flag.   If getting to drop it off is hard feel free to drop it in the mail.   Lets keep our post office busy too.      I will be soon sending this baby quilt off to my new niece, so I thought you might like to see.   It will be backed and bound with the pink.  This little girl is going to be treated like a princess.





I also wanted to share a top that Jen Drake brought in for backing, IMG_3795 She made it using our Fat quarter 10 pack of Marbella fabrics.   Isn’t it wonderful??     Good fabrics, plus good colors plus simple pattern equals beautiful quilt.   Hard to resist a beautiful rainbow isn’t it??

Lastly I want to apologize to anyone who has been trying to reach us by phone,  the lines and internet have been acting up badly and definitely trying my patience.    I hope to have it all worked out in the next few days but if you need me in the meantime you can comment here,  try a facebook message,  or email.   OF course you could also just put on a mask and stop by during our open hours, 12 -5 Saturday.    ( by the way,  the Solstice at Stonehenge is going to be livestreamed tomorrow if you are interested.   I hope that I will be able to see some of it. )

Keep stitching!!





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We are open 10-5 Tues- Saturday
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