Apart but together

I am immensely thankful to those of you who made appointments and came in to the shoppe to make purchases this week.  I appreciate every penny you spend as it tells me that you want me to keep fighting to keep the Shoppe afloat.     Let me tell you about a visit at the shoppe in these new conditions.    The floor plan is slightly changed,  you  will notice while using hand sanitizer at the door.   I hope that the smiles are big enough to see even with our masks on.    You will be invited to  have a seat in the white chair at the big tables.   My instinct wants to be able to offer snacks, but that is not a good idea right now.  I will handle the stacks of fabric and you can direct my every movement (just about) till we have everything you need.   One of our large tables has been put in front of the cutting counter so that I can cut what you need and ring up and pack your goodies without us violating the social distancing mandates.    The charge machine is still not functional,  and I am working on that, but once we are checked out with cash or check you may use more hand sanitizer if you wish as you depart.    After you are gone I wipe down the chair, the table, the counter, and the door handles with antibacterial spray or wipes.    Conducting business in this manner allows you to see fabrics and shop in person without handling the stacks until they are cut and packed for you, minimizing the potential for spreading nasty germs.   Sue F. visited and shared these two recently finished projects while she was looking for a backing for yet another one.     If you are needing big battings let me know ahead of time and  I can order as needed.   Shipping is taking a bit longer than usual from every company, and many of you are finishing large projects.

Many of us quilters have issues that make us higher risk, and so I am doing everything I can to minimize your risk.    Although we are not set to officially re open in this area yet,  so many of us have been sewing and are now in need of supplies.   I am doing my best to re stock things like elastic and interfacing, and even threads.  Working with suppliers on skeleton crews has made that process slow,  but I am exploring new possibilities and will shout  from the rooftops when new things arrive.    In the meantime please continue to sew because it is very good for us.    When you need something text the shoppe at 845 758 8541 and I will set up an appointment or curbside if you prefer.

As for me,  I gave my first virtual lesson on Sunday,  if you are needing that please reach out.   It went very well and I am feeling much more confident about such things.    Real time interaction is so very helpful.     I have also made up the sample for the Quilter’s Trek, formerly Row by Row.     I like the busy quality that this has, reminding me of a Persian rug,  or Kaleidoscope,   but I need to hear from you,  is it too much?    I could quiet it down by making some changes in the fabric arrangements.    IMG_3561

The theme for this year is Blue.  and yes there will be some changes in the way the program works.  I will share those with you soon, I must still work out some of the details.    It will begin on June 21.   Please consider supporting this program when the time comes.   By the way, if you did the Alaska BOM with us you can use those templates to make this block.

HArvest MoonAlso please consider joining our new BOM.   As of right now it will start in July,  but as with all plans lately,  we must remain flexible.  The sample is going together very nicely and I am documenting as I go so that if needed it can be done with virtual lessons. The fabrics are lovely and handling quite well.   I imagine that many of you could use a project to dig your hands and brains into that uses new fabrics and techniques that are not too hard.     Now more than ever it is important to do these kind of programs with your local shops instead of the huge online companies.    

Let me once more express to you how much it means to me that you are continuing to support me and spend a little money at the shoppe.   The longer this craziness goes on the harder it is for a small business like mine.     I do also understand that many of you are on tight budgets now, so if you need to work exclusively from your stash you can support the shoppe by following us on Facebook or my YouTube channel and keeping the comments coming.    I am very reassured when I know that my efforts are appreciated.   We have come far in this together,  and it means a great deal to me.   Here’s to staying safe and healthy,  and making lots of great projects together.




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  1. Jane winne says:

    I am interested in doing your BOM!!! Via utube!!!!!! Will you work with me here in Florida???? Please let me know! I will also pay monthly S&H!!!! I miss my quilting classes in your shoppe!!!!

    • I wont be posting video of the BOM to YouTube because I need it to be exclusive to those in the program, but I am trying to figure out a way. I’ll put you on the list and be in touch when the details are all worked out. Stay safe and healthy and keep sewing.

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