May Day

So in many traditional societies especially in Northern Europe, where most of my deep ancestry is from, May First was celebrated as the first day of the summer half of the year.    It is a time of fertility of the land, prosperity and celebration.    Usually there are at least a few things blooming and the sun feels warmer every day.    Not this year.  Is is just me or does it feel like nature is doing her best to keep up inside with rainy windy weather all week?    Found the daffodils photo online and it made me feel brighter.   Enjoy.

beautiful blooming blossom blur

Photo by Tim Gouw on  

Thanks to good electricity and lighting I have been able to keep working on the bowtie quilt.   I had hoped to be finished with it by now,  but I had forgotten that it is a very good idea to take regular breaks from work that is so tiny and fussy.  That has slowed me down.   To keep my eyes from crossing I have kept interesting things on my design wall to look at.   This week while doing some more cleaning and organizing of my studio I found a Zip top bag full of nine patch blocks.   The bag was once labelled in marker, but it had smeared and I have no idea what the original owners plans for the blocks was.   It had a few other bits of fabrics too, but not enough to do anything with.   I am not even sure where they came from, but I do know that I was not the maker.    There were a fair amount, and a few unpieced squares that obviously were meant to coordinate.    I’ve put them up and been playing around all week with the layout.    I think I like one where the plain squares are in the lower right too, but what do you think??

As I played with these an idea formulated in my head about a series of videos to do for total beginner quilters in quarantine.    I have begun filming and learning to edit so I can post this Quilting in Quarantine series.    Although many of the quilts that have come down to us were made with purpose bought fabrics,  the romantic idea of a quilt made from whatever you had on hand is pervasive. and lets face it convenient right now.    Anyone who wants to is capable of making a quilt, as long as you are old enough to safely handle scissors, pins and needles.  I will be calling on my past as a public school teacher to interject some history, some math, and of course color and design.    I will post the links in this blog for you my loyal readers,  but the videos will live on my you tube page.  I doubt that any of you will have trouble finding the materials and encourage you to hand sew along using quilting cottons if you are interested.    But if you know any parents looking for a hands on project for kids schooling at home, or someone who has seen all the mask making activity and decided that sewing is a worth while skill please share.    When I can open the shoppe again I will need all of you to come back as regular customers,  but also many new ones to get things going again.

HArvest Moon   Things are on track for the Harvest Moon BOM to begin in July.    It is my hope that we can start to carefully be together for it,  but if not I will mail you the monthly kits and start a private facebook group for video instructions.   Once you are officially registered you will be invited to join the group.     Now more than ever having a project that you can work on with a like minded group is important.     A closed group like this can provide that without causing you to be exposed to some of the more troubling things on social media.    I have even been experimenting with Zoom as a possible platform to run a virtual class here and there,  but for now a facebook group is truly more accessible for this BOM.  Once videos are posted there you can go back and watch, rewind and repeat.   I can also go live.   Yes this new format is an experiment, but wont you come along for the ride?    It’s going to be fun.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, keep sewing!!

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