Sane stitching in an insane world.

I think it’s Friday again.   The time seems to be passing so quickly, and yet so slowly under the shelter in place orders.    The world gets a bit crazier each day.   With people I know personally now being tested, or having already passed it is harder and harder to try to maintain normalcy.    Earth day this past Wednesday was especially poignant.   Celebrating the 50th anniversary of that day and watching how quickly nature is responding to less human activity was sobering.    I found myself particularly thankful for the animals I live with.     On my personal facebook page I have been sharing daily photos of the dozen or so species that I keep.   These two images are currently my most popular.

Some are familiar,  you all know Jake.   He misses you all very much.    Some others are more unusual.    Those are my dart frogs,  and they live in a tropical bioactive vivarium that is for all the world a tiny rainforest in a glass box.   They are about an inch and a half long and they are wonderful at keeping me grounded in this strange time.

I have been working on another conservation project.   This is a bow tie quilt from the 1950’s.  The bubble gum pink is the backing fabric peeking through the worn away places.   Somehow looking at the poor condition of it seems symbolic of the state of the world right now.    I am finding a larger than usual amount of satisfaction in this repair work.   With good music playing in the background, doing the intricate work occupies all my focus and keeps me from too much depressing news.   I will post photos of the finished work when it is ready.


One more thing to keep you up to date,   the fabrics for the Harvest Moon BOM will not be shipping until at least June.   This means that the program won’t start until at least July.     I am recording each bit as I work on the sample and it is a project that I know you will enjoy doing.  AS things stand right now it will start as a by mail program supported by video,  but by July we may have other options.   In person workshops are the ideal and we will hopefully be back to that by the end of the program,  but there are other options available in the meantime and we will keep them all open and on the table so we can enable as many of you to participate as possible.    So far the cutting and piecing  has not presented to much technical challenge, but lots of color interest.     These fall toned batiks are wonderful.   The lights are magnificent,  having the surprising feel of antique shirtings.  It is simply an amazing batch of fabrics.    The tiny amounts of brights just make the entire thing pop.      I love the way it is coming together,  and for a quilt with very modern fabrics it feels amazingly old fashioned.   Love that.    You can get on the list by sending me your name and contact info.   

Please everyone stay safe and healthy and keep stitching.


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