Keeping Busy

I hope this greets you all still healthy and staying safe at home.   I have been keeping busy with mask making and several other projects.    The pieces I cut for masks at the shoppe cutting counter have run out so I finally had to clear my cutting space at home.

As you can see, it was unusable until I started clearing.   Big difference in the After shot.  Now the key is going to be using it daily so I have the need to keep it clear.    When  have regular access to the counter at the shoppe it is just as easy to cut there, so the table at home became a disorganized storage space.     Yes there are two mats there.   The grey one is nice and large, but unless I need that much length I use the green one that is in better condition.   They both sit on an old drawing table set at a good height, and slightly tipped up at the back because it is more ergonomic.

I have also totally finished the Smarties Quilt. Here is is pinned up n my design wall, and lit from the side so you see the quilting a bit better.   The diagonIMG_3312IMG_3314 (1)al grid is done with the walking foot on and a decorative serpentine stitch,  and the circles that make the snowball blocks into the smarties candies was done in Razzle rayons and big stitch.   It has a nice cozy wool batting so there is a bit more puff than you would have with a standard cotton batting.     

And because I couldn’t help myself I used a strip of improvisational quilting with leftover strips and squares to make the backing wide enough to fit.    I like this look and I think I will use this idea more often from now on.    Why not have two interesting sides to your quilt??   

The second thing I finished this week was a small art quilt about a gray tree frog we had as a pet a while back.   I did the drawing with colored pencil on fabric and embroidered it.    The patchwork is basically an improvised pineapple block, with more coloring and embroidery,  then it was machine quilted and the edges folded to the back for a very clean finish.    I plan on mounting it to a canvas for display.


I know that things are different and crazy for all of us now,   but it is critical that we work together on positive things, and keep our minds and hands busy.   With this is mind I would love for all of us to do the new BOM together.   Even though I don’t usually do mail order I will make the exception for this one so we can work together and accomplish something positive out of all the isolation.    It was supposed to begin in May but the fabrics have not shipped out yet so there is most likely going to be a delay in that.   I am filming the process as I cut and sew the store sample so that our group can function as close to normally as possible.  Our usual discussions may have to be in the comments section for a bit,  but I hope that we will be able to meet in person again soon.      When that happens it will be extra important that you support the small shops like mine so that we can recover.    The big box stores don’t need you,  but I do.    Thank you for sticking with me through this.    HArvest Moon

Until I can see you in person again, I look forward to hearing from you all through the internet.   comment here,  like and follow us on facebook,  or subscribe to my new Youtube channel under Diana Louie.     Be sure to join our conversation!!

Be healthy, stay safe,  and keep stitching!!!

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4 Responses to Keeping Busy

  1. Susan Forrest says:

    thanks Diana I love the fact that you’re staying in touch it really does make it feel like we’re still almost, semi, maybe not quite normal. Im learning on my new machine how to use my walking foot to quilt some of my smaller projects. all in all I think it’s great. doing a lot of cross stitching, a lot of embroidery, wonderful to be out in the garden again. so things aren’t looking as bad for me as they might be for some people but it’s so nice to have you Reach Out And Touch.

    • Good to hear from you, and that you are playing with the new machine. I use my walking foot to quilt the structural details a great deal, and with some you can even use decorative stitches with the walking foot. That’s a whole other direction you can play with, because in the ditch is a PIA. Don’t forget to send me photos of your finished pieces!! Virtual hugs to you.

  2. jljstitch says:

    Love the Smarties quilt, front and back. And if I make some progress on my in home quilt retreat next week, I would like to do the bom. It has a lot of interesting sections to it. Cute frog too.

    • Great. The BOM is going to be a good one. Glad you like the Smarties quilt. It was fun to make, and when we are back to normal functioning I will be doing an hands on class with it. When we get closer to beginning the BOM I will need your mailing address, but that is a detail we can worry about later.

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