Home for the Holidays

So life in lockdown is settling in.   Just as things begin to run smoothly in my house we face the hurdle of everyone staying home for the holidays.   It feels odd,  but it is necessary.   No matter what your family traditions are,  I wish you a happy Spring Holiday at home.IMG_3260

I stopped at the shoppe today to pick up mail and allow a curbside pickup of a quilt I have finished conserving and was happy to see these beautiful pink trees across the street.   The lovely pink, with yellow and white blossoms in the background, set against the blue grey victorian house is one of the things I look forward to each spring.   Even on a day as grey as today it was a happy sight.

The quilt that was picked up today is a mountain mist Iris, in Yellow.   It was a kit quilt, and this maker had done a beautiful job.   Unfortunately this quilt got used hard and was in quite bad condition.     It took more than 50 hours to simply stabilize it so it could be lightly used for a bit longer.   Where the fabric was strong enough I stitched the repairs, but where it wasn’t I had to use patches, or even in some places glue because the fabric was just that worn away.   I don’t like to use glue, but in discussion with the owner and with the use it is still going to get we made that choice.   In the first photo you can see one of the worst tears pinned together.   This one got sewn back together and in the second photo you can see the result.   Sometimes sewing one seam back together puts stress and opens another,  so it can be a long process.

If you haven’t seen this pattern,   here is a quick shot of the whole quilt.  The kit also came in a purple variation.  IMG_3241

 I finally have posted the mask making tutorial on Youtube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8BFHIJjYvQ      You should be able to click the link and go to part one.    I am not sure why the second part about the straps divided into parts,   but it is all there.    I am basically using the deaconess pattern,  but with a few changes,  like different fabrics for the inside and outside,  and t shirt material for the straps.    I’ve now made dozens and this works very well.   Please like and subscribe.  

HArvest MoonI am working on videos for the Harvest Moon Block of the Month too.   If you are interested in doing this by mail please let me know asap.    I can either do a private facebook group for it or post on youtube for video lessons until we can meet again in person.     It is critical that I know how many of you I can count on participating.    The fabrics are beautiful and rich, and the techniques are pretty simple.    This one will be fun!!


Everyone please stay safe,  stay home,  wash your hands,   and keep sewing!!!



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  1. Bill says:

    I will commit to the mail version of the new Block of the Month – Bill Triebel

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