Looking for the Silver Linings

There is a love/hate relationship with technology right now.   It is both the biggest distributor of fear and false information,  and the saviour of our sanity as it is currently the best way for humans to get to see other humans that don’t live with them.    Staying put in our own homes is also sometimes wonderful and incredible frustrating.    I am trying to stay on the positive side of things, it has taken me all week to finally discover that the webcam on my laptop is mechanically compromised.   I will be unable to go live to Youtube,  but that doesn’t mean I can’t post videos,  I will just have to film them on the smartphone.     I have promised a few of you that Jake will be in most videos,  and that the first one will be on safe rotary cutting.    In conjunction with these blog posts about the great studio cleanup I hope you will all find the inspiration to use the time to yourself and your stash to create something wonderful and bring some more beauty into the world.    We all need it.



Last week I promised you I would be brave and share photos of my unruly studio, with the goal of cleaning off my sewing table,  my ironing board, and my cutting table.   It didn’t quite go that way.   Jake felt the need to be very underfoot so I decided to start with the comfy chair that he is allowed to be on.



If you didn’t know there was a chair under it you could be forgiven.    Trying hard not to just make more piles of things,  and instead actually putting away or tossing things,   I succeeded in clearing it off and Jake is very happy with his napping spot for now.   There was that nice fuzzy throw blanket and a pillow that my grandmother had cross stitched and sewn so he is set up.  I did also get my sewing table clear and I’ve been able to continue doing the conservation work at home.    Working at home is a different thing,  I miss my big tables, but the light is better here.   

I miss the cutting counter.     I have not cut significant amounts of fabrics at home in quite some time.    Most of the time I am using new fabrics from the shoppe inventory for samples, so both my home stash and my cutting table have been neglected.    Since the first video is to be about cutting safety,  and using scraps in the process,  my next project will be the cutting table.    It will be a challenge.    There is just as much stuff under it too, but I will consider that a separate challenge.    There is much to do.    It will be a challenge but I have found some good things as I clean,  like my sense of control, and some space to get away from others in the house when they are either teaching or learning remotely.IMG_3204

It is my hope that you all stay healthy, stay sane and keep busy with all the things you used to wish you had time to do.    If you haven’t done it already please like and follow the Village Fabric Shoppe on facebook,  or if you are interested in guitar, and all my odd pets feel free to like my personal page too,   Diana Louie.   The Youtube channel is also as Diana Louie.   I hope to have the first video ready for you this afternoon.    So gather your scraps, clear a space at your cutting board and check it out.

No matter how you are getting updates from me,  please reach out so we can keep human contact in our lives,  and our community strong.     Be safe, be healthy and make something beautiful.

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  1. Maureen Gottschalk says:

    Where do I find the video on safely cutting. I would also like to send it to a student of mine.

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