Mandated Closing

Since this mornings post the situation has changed.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce to you that as a non essential business Saturday March 21 will be our last open hours for the time being.  The Governor has mandated it and I am not going to risk incurring fines or contributing to the pandemic.   I therefore am urging you to come in tomorrow if you need to stock up on needles or thread or fabric or books or even a gift certificate.   There will   be enough frustration in the coming weeks without running out of basics like that.    Remember when you said you wanted to start that project when you had time?? Well here you go.  Be sure you have what you need by getting to us tomorrow.  We are disinfecting continually and we would be happy to help you from the door if needed.

Having said that,  I may not be visiting the shoppe often and thus the best way to contact me will be by email or facebook messenger through either my personal page or the shoppe page.   I will do my best to help you to continue your projects at home.   I will post the blog every Friday as usual but will be keeping you updated more frequently as I share from my home studio via facebook live.  Staying in good communication will be key to not just my staying in business, but also and perhaps more importantly, everyone staying calm and healthy.

facebook/Diana Louie

Although this is going to be a struggle for a business as small as mine I will be continuing the conservation and repair work from home.   I have a considerable backlog and I am hopeful that I have enough work with that to scrape by until I can open the brick and mortar location again.  I look forward to seeing you all in person when this blows over.

Until then stay safe,  stay healthy and keep stitching.

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2 Responses to Mandated Closing

  1. Maureen Gottschalk says:

    Diana, Can you tell me, by any chance, what size squares I was making for that Civil War quilt. I have some fabric here but not the book but I could do a few squares maybe next week if we are still confined. I am not in New York. I am in Florida, that is why the question. Thanks. Maureen

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    • Wow, I am so sorry that it took so long to get back to you, things got very much out of my control for a bit there and I only just saw your question. There were two size options in the book, the large 12 inch finish, and an 8 inch finish that is what we were doing in the group. You might find a couple of the blocks on Barbara Brackman’s site, it was originally done as a sew along on her blog. Otherwise it is a sampler, as long as the fabrics coordinate and the blocks are the right size you could do any blocks you like to add in. Stay safe, stay healthy and keep quilting!!

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