Adapting and stashbusting

These are strange times.   Many people are struggling with the isolation and many small businesses are feeling the crunch.  I received the news last evening that Red Hook has its first permanent business closure because of the virus.   It hit me hard.    It also greatly increased my frustration that I somehow can’t get my laptop camera and facebook to get on the same page.   My husband has been too busy getting his own drawing classes ready for remote teaching to lend his usual assistance.  I am working on it however,  and as soon as I can I will be doing a series of live chats about organizing and working from your stash.     So if you have not liked and followed the Village Fabric Shoppe Page on Facebook please do it as soon as you finish reading this.  Being able to stay in active communication is going to be key for all of us as things move forward.

This is as much for me as you,  my sewing space still has not fully recovered from moving the shoppe to a new location on short notice, and then not long after getting Liz ready for college.    In both those situations my sewing space became a catchall for those items that no one knew where else to put them.    Before I got to work on it,  I started having medical issues that impacted my mobility and after work at the shoppe and other family and household chores I rarely had the energy to work on it.     Now is a perfect time to get that space back to the cheerful roomy creative place I know it is under all the stuff.    It starts small,  clear off your ironing board,   your cutting space, and your sewing table this week.    Make an effort to really put things away instead of making another pile on the floor, or box under the table.    This is my goal for now.   I have plenty of things to work on if I can clear a good space.      When we go live on Facebook finally,  I promise to to be shy about sharing my messy space.

Let me tell you about some of my projects.    Basic Hand PiecingI finished a small scrappy piece from the basic hand piecing workshop so I had a more recent sample.     That class is being offered by private appointment and including fabric,  on sale for only $15.00    And yes, my tables are 6 feet wide,   we can maintain social distance and you can learn a skill that will potentially give you activities you can do at home for years!!    I have a huge collection of scraps that you may choose from for your project.    I have done this with kids as young as 5 too!!

I also got in a quilt from the 1980’s,  Star of Bethlehem in typical 80’s blues,  all basted and ready for hand quilting.   This one will be fun to finish.   But I am super excited that the Paula Nadelstern fabrics arrived yesterday,   I will be opening them up and getting a sample ready for a workshop whose dates will be determined when we emerge from isolation.   I know that you will have used up all of your stash by then,  or at least be tired of looking at it,  and will want to start something exciting.

Please remember that I am still here for you and we are taking precautions.    If this very small business is to survive this I need to know you are still part of my community.   I am doing what I can to be of help.   I wish you all Peace, stitching, and good health.

New hours of operation,  10:30-1  Tuesday to Saturday, or by private appointment.    If we are here the lighted OPEN sign will be lit.   ( You can see it from the road )

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