Sweet tooth

So first I want to reassure all of you that although I have been having plenty of doctors appointments,   the issues I have will NOT spread to you.   Kidney stones and a knee injury will not give you a virus.    There is a great deal of panic,  misinformation, and over reaction going on and unfortunately fear does a great job of lowering your immune system.    I have yet another appointment tomorrow morning so we will open at 1 pm, which is why I am writing this a bit early.


Smarties Quilt

Engaging in activities that lower stress is known to boost immune responses,  so I believe that having an exciting new project to work on is good therapy, helping to combat the fear and helping everyone keep a level head.    Lucky for you we have beautiful new fabrics in stock, and the perfect project.    Our Smarties quilt is exactly the kind of project that is needed right now.   ANd if Smarties are not your favorite candy, how about taking color inspiration from M & Ms or gumballs, or Reeses Pieces, or using the new Marbella fabrics and calling it Marbles?    The special introductory offer is still on,   Half off the registration fee for the workshop scheduled for March 26th.  Where else can you get a fun and in person workshop for only $15.00??    After that event,  it will be an on demand class at its regular price of $30.00.     I know you have six fat quarters that would be perfect,  and if not we have packs of the ones we used, and a few color options.    Join us and indulge your sweet tooth without the calories or cavities.     Supply list is on the workshops page of this site.


Marbella fabrics by Benartex

Just a two other schedule announcements,   Crazy Quilt Club will meet this Tuesday, on St Patrick’s Day,  so wear some green!   And second, due to the venue closing for quarantine,  World of Quilts, the annual show by Northern Star Guild is cancelled.   This announcement came in while I was writing, so hot off the presses.   It is usually a great show but if the campus is closed there is no other choice.   


Burlap, by Benartex,  New arrivals

So Keep a cool head,  think logically, make a quilt,  and wash your hands after your “Smarties”



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