Let there be…darkness?

So stitchers almost always want there to be more light.   Good lighting can make stitching so much easier.   Daylight (or daylight bulbs) can help us to see colors more accurately,  make it easier to thread needles,  and is essential when you need to hand sew down a black binding edge on a black background.   I know you can all relate.      We spend lots of time and money on the right lighting.

However much we need the light,  our precious quilts, and even fabrics and threads are damaged by it every minute they are exposed.     The damage is cumulative, and happens gradually so very often we don’t see it until it is too late.  IMG_2956   Recently I had a friend and customer give up on a UFO that was only about a dozen years old because it had been stored folded and the edge had been exposed to light from the basement studio window.   The folded fabrics that were to be used with it got damaged too,  and so the entire project has been scrapped.   I took some photos, and the loss of the amount of hours to draw the original pattern and all the hand applique that had been done breaks my heart.    IMG_2957

An easy way to protect your fabrics and threads is to store them in covered containers, or inside closets with doors that are closed most of the time.    If you have open shelves,  cover them with a dense white cloth.    The finished quilts should be rotated if possible and even better changed out seasonally.   When not in use storage in clean washed pillowcases in a closet is ideal.    It can make a big difference in longevity.

Yesterday four lovely antiques came in.  They have been stored away probably since sometime in the 1970’s and the contrast between the project above and these quilts properly stored is amazing.    These are only preliminary photos but each one of these is at least a hundred years old.  They  appear to have been made by the same hand,  with a quilting career spanning a few decades.   They currently belong to the Embroiderer’s Guild,   and they were brought to me for help with finding them the right home.    If you are interested please come see them in person.

This Tuesday, the Crazy Quilt Club will meet for the first time this year.   Lets hope that any weekend snow is cleared away and our parking lot is ice free.    I will soon be posting details for the “Smarties” quilt class,  a new class called Starry Night using Paula Nadlestern’s Snowflake line  and info on the next Block of the Month.    2020 is going to be an excellent year even if it feels like it got off to a slow start.

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