This word, reusable,  is one I think we will be hearing often.   For a long time recyclable was the catch word that every product and package had to encourage you to purchase.   Recycling has been getting trashed more and more often.  We are heariIMG_0920ng about how much that we think is being recycled just isn’t.   So instead of sticking it in the recycle bin how about items that are reusable?    This trend is starting to show in more and more counties and even states that are outlawing single use grocery type bags.   We have an easy quick and customizable fabric tote bag workshop for the grocery type bags.  It’s called Fab Fab Tote,  ( short for Fabulous Fabric Tote )  and we even have a couple nice canvas prints in stock if you need something super strong.    Call to make an appointment for this workshop, details are on the workshops page.


Honestly, I think that the semi clear produce bags are worse for the environment than the plastic grocery bags.   These annoying things are too thin to reuse, and collect up much faster than the handled bags.   The produce ones are not big enough to line any waste basket and there are very few places that use them that have a recycle receptacle for them.   You do know that you can’t put plastic bags in the recycle bin,  they need to be recycled in using different technology than your regular household stuff.    With some produce it is fine to go without a bag,  but this is not true of everything, and I have a IMG_2936solution for you.    We carry a nonwoven polyester product called Spunbond that comes with a pattern for a great reusable and breathable set of three produce bags.   We also have in stock satin cord that simply glides through the drawstring.    They were super easy to make and I will be trying them out at the grocery this weekend.  This product has some advantages over muslin bags,  first it doesn’t fray so construction is beyond quick,  second is it’s strength,  I have tried to rip it and been unsuccessful.      These bags will even hold all your potatoes!!    And third, it is breathable, allowing some air circulation without moisture loss.   And although you can paint stencil or embroider muslin too, this is white making your colors clearer.   You know I will be playing with that.   

Keep watching for some exciting things coming,  more new goodies and classes and programs for 2020.   All will be revealed soon.


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