Outside the Lines

Introducing a new feature,  Outside the Lines.   At the beginning of each month I will be posting photos of a selection of fabrics that go well together that are not all from the same fabric line.    I have noticed that since the dawn of the precut and jellyroll many quilters are making quilts using only fabrics from the package.  While these quilts are guaranteed to match,  they often match so well that they lose some sparkle.   A walk around your local quilt show and you can easily pick out the ones that are just that bit too homogenous.       I want to help you have some more color confidence and showcase our fabrics at the same time.    So for the first post of each month I will put together a fabric collection that goes outside the lines.   It will be photographed and posted with a project or two that it would be suited to.    If you decide to make one of the projects and get all your fabrics and book or pattern from us and let us post a photo within that month we will give you a free spool of Mettler silk finish thread.   Your choice of color.

Our first installment of Outside the lines is based on a Valentine’s Fabric by Benartex.   You may have seen the Boxers we made from it.  but I have several nice fabrics that coordinate and two patterns with hearts that work beautifully with them.     We know that when the holiday decorations come down everything looks plain and a new Valentine’s project for the table or wall can help keep us happy till Spring.


Outside the Lines Jan-2020



One other reminder that Tuesday is our Hand stitchers club meeting.  We are working on UFO’s .  See you then.

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