I don’t know about you but I am NOT ready for it to be winter yet.   Maybe because I lost a good deal of the early fall in medical issues,  but I feel like I missed the whole thing this year.   And snow already?    Yikes!!!  So here we go with the annual reminder that we follow Red Hook Central School District.   If they are closed or delayed,  or dismissed early we will cancel the events for the day and let those interested know about IMG_2772rescheduling.     We will also post to this page and our facebook page when there are weather related schedule changes.    I truly hope that we don’t need to do this often but it is very rare to get through a winter season without snow cancellations here and there.

But, that is all the more reason to have some good projects to work on,  and at least a few nice warm colorful quilts in your home for those snowed in kind of days.      We all have lots of fabric in the stash so lets get using it.   I have a wonderful pieced quilt project that I want to share with you.   It’s easy to piece,  works in tons of color combos and scrappy too.   My sample is a slightly coordinated scrappy, four blocks with a small border.   I don’t have room to display a larger one even though I have plenty of scraps to make a bigger one.    I also put together a single block in a more carefully planned set of colors that I am calling blue seas,  and will probably also make a single block sample in civil war colors.    This basic pattern has so many easy to play with variations that I am working up a coloring page for those who take the workshop.   This is the kind of block that you don’t need a super detailed plan for,  you can just sit down with a stack of squares and sit and sew a bunch of them and then choose the setting and if you want to make more and make it bigger( doesn’t that always happen?? )  This block, like log cabins can be assembled in IMG_2773several arrangements so you can sometimes get exciting surprises even after the blocks are made.   It’s like getting a bonus gift for yourself while holiday shopping!!   I have  settled on Thursday December 5 at 10:30 for a group workshop, but will very happily work with you privately by appointment if you just can’t wait.   The cutting is simple, and no there isn’t a single triangle to cut.   It will take about 3 hours for the workshop (group or private) and cost is $30.00     Gather some fabrics from your stash or grab some new ones from us, bring  your basic machine sewing setup and join me for this one.

Just a quick reminder that this Tuesday is Crazy Quilt Club, and it’s the annual Holiday tea.  – Already??   It’s been a fun year.

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