Let there Be Light

It’s so dark lately,  with the time change it’s getting dark early.   The cold snap reinforces that the dark half of the year is here.   SO it is time to consider that artificial lighting is critically needed.   Yes we should all still be sure to get some real daylight each day,  but for stitching we needed extra lighting.     For many it can make the difference between being able to stitch and not.     It need not be an expensive proposition,  We got my daughter a very nice standing daylight lamp at a salvage store for under $20.00 that she uses in her dorm.    I got a goose neck clip on led light for under ten at a big box home store.   Actually we got several of those because my husband has his art studio in the basement and extra lighting is always good there.

IMG_2740So now that we have established that seeing is important,  I want to remind you that this years Redwork embroidery design is now available.   On Tuesday our handstitchers club will be doing it as a project so if you are new to embroidery or redwork and want to learn how in person join us from 10-12.   I have always found redwork to be the right thing for this time of year,  red is a nice warm color,  but the stitching is simple as the holiday crazies start to hit,  and it is very portable, so you can work it just about anywhere you can sit with decent lighting.   

One more quick thing,  next Wednesday the 13th I have a doctors appointment and will have to close from 12 -2.  Nothing serious just an adjustment.    See you soon.    


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