Quilting Friends-

It was a lovely and inspiring week.   Kim is a new quilter,  who got started when a good friend registered her for our four square quilt class as a gift.    Isn’t it nice to have such smart friends?     In the photo you can see her with her quilt as we were getting ready to baste it.   Don’t you love the colors??   She said it is perfect in her bedroom,  and I got a messageIMG_2731 from her this morning that she has already slept under it.    Before she left the shoppe she was already making plans for her second one.    Quilting is addictive isn’t it?  and so is making the kind of friends that you can quilt with.

We also had the finish of the Sunbonnet Sue workshop,  and we traded ideas about the adventures and activities that Sue could participate in.   Sometimes the collective imagination of a friendly group just takes off and this was definitely the case today as we talked of alternate block fabrics and settings,  and embellishment,   and quilting.      The bright green is just perfect with all of these Sue Blocks isn’t it?   And see how the black outlining really sets off the design.   Well worth the time doing it.  IMG_2732   There is still some hand work left but I shared a few tricks to help keep stitches even and lovely.

Conversation kept turning to the poor crumbling vintage one that inspired this workshop.   We agreed that the owner did the right thing is surrendering it to the Shoppe.   We have actually had it for many years and I no longer have valid contact information on the owner,  but I hope she feels good that her  “useless quilt” donation sparked so much loveliness.     And not only that,  but the friendships that grow out of a shared class experience.     Like so many things in life, her small act of donating a “useless Quilt” to the right person has had a wonderful ripple effect that has spread creativity, joy and friendship to an extent that I am sure she never imagined.     The world needs more friendship.   — and maybe a bit more chocolate.

So next Friday is November first and we will be running a workshop on the Chocolate Kisses block in support of the annual Chocolate festival.   We will supply fabrics and pattern for a 12 inch block so you can learn how to make this fun little project.   It starts at 11 am,  just bring your machine with a tan colored thread, and a few pins –  oh and call ahead so we can have enough fabrics cut.    This is a one time only workshop especially for the chocolate festival.   If you want to use your own colors feel free to bring (or buy from us) your own fabrics and you will need to cut them.   Call ahead and I can give you measurements if you would like to do that ahead of time.  It’s just squares.


One 12 inch block of Chocolate Kisses

Tomorrow, Saturday is Trick or treating in Red Hook,  from 1-3 so traffic may be a bit slow at that time.    Please watch out for the local kids and everyone else who may not be paying attention.

Have a Happy Halloween and I hope to see all my friends soon.


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